Bhandej Printed Designer Sarees a trend to Redefine Extravagance

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A Saree is a 6 yard of appeal and elegance. As every occasion has its own outfit but if you are in India then a Designer Saree is suitable for every occasion. A saree is a piece of grace that suits every age of women no matters their complexion, structure, or features. This innovative 6-yard cloth can hardly go out of fashion.

You must have also loved sarees from the time you hold your mother’s “Pallu” of her saree and sometimes even drape her Dupatta and pretend it was saree. Saree has always been a charm from childhood to the old woman. The everyday new fashion is launched with some new patterns, fabrics are invented with new technology, but still, there are some elegant sarees that remain evergreen.

Bandhej is one such print that has always been in trend! Specially crafted by expertise hand into Tie-and-Dye style. Every design on Bandhej Saree brings a unique charm to the cloth! If your heart also beats for such knotted fabric’s Saree, then Vasansi Jaipur has got you some innovative Hand-crafted Trendy Bandhej Printed Designer Sarees to unravel your old days with your mother!

Purple Tussar Bhandej Madhubani Printed Designer Saree

Vasansi Jaipur specially designs this lightweight Trendy Bandhej Printed Designer Saree for the stunning ladies. Purple color in Bandhej Printed Saree is simply a cherry on a cake.

Most stylish royal Bandhej Printed Saree collection is perfect for any Indian occasion to shine like a Diva. This beautiful color gives the radiance in the personalities of stunning ladies ready for the party.

This organic Tussar fabric is so breathable to soothe your skin even on a hot, buzzy day. You can wear the designer saree in any month of the year. Tussar Fabric can be the perfect fit for a party or any wedding occasion.

Feather-like touch of this exclusive designer saree will inspire you to create a statement of fashion in a well-cultured Indian Jaipur Saree. Such exquisite Vasansi Jaipur’s Saree is a worthy purchase for this season to give a curvy figure.

You can have access to this designer saree which is available at just Rs 21,250/- by clicking the link in Bio.

Rama Green Silk Bhandej Madhubani Printed Designer Saree

Rama Green color is in trend these days! Such an amazing silk cloth printed with Bandhej classy design is apt for today’s modern-day parties.

Elegantly designed for classy women who love to adorn such vibrant colors to suit their iconic personalities. Pair this Bandhej Designer Saree with an uptown necklace set and sparkling ring to complete your Diva look.

Color of Rejuvenation, green has always remained the talk of the town. You can flaunt this exclusive color with high heels to give a celebrity look in your family function and be a trend-setter.

You can carry this intricate latest saree from Vasansi Jaipur at just Rs 17,850/- and steal the limelight.

Orange Silk Bhandej Madhubani Printed Designer Saree

The Sassy orange Bandhej Printed Designer Designer Saree is apt for your Indian traditional functions to give an elegant trendy look. Accessorize such glamorous outfits with a pretty orange neck-set and flaunt in high heels to give an impression of the modern day-look.

A perfect designer piece to carry-in all types of seasons. Specially designed with organic fabrics to protect you from a heavy cold. A warm cloth is comfortable to wear even on hot days to give you a fresh feel.

This stunning Vasansi Jaipur’s Orange Silk Bhandej Madhubani Printed Designer Saree is designed in such a way to give a trendy touch to the traditional craft.

Carry this elegant attire in your friend’s wedding or your family function to outshine your guests in a very invigorating way. Wear this latest saree to capture everyone’s sight and become a trend-setter of your family.

This wedding season, buy this versatile Vasansi Orange Silk Bhandej Saree at just  Rs 17,850/- and flaunt like a Diva.

Blue Silk Bhandej Madhubani Printed Designer Saree

Blue is the color of freshness and tranquility. Adorn this amazing color and create your own fashion statement this wedding season. Vasansi Jaipur’s amazing Blue Silk Bhandej Madhubani Printed Latest Designer Saree for the amazing ladies to rejuvenate their looks again.

Specially designed for stunning girls to look flawless in their family functions or friend’s wedding. An amazing super lightweight designer saree is apt to go for traditional functions as well as in a modern-day party to steal the limelight.

Pair up this elegant piece of Vasansi Jaipur with trendy jewelry and amazing blue-stoned ring to add an extra charm to the traditional look. A cool blue designer saree is a perfect piece of cloth to look like a graceful lady at her special party.

This party-wear Vasansi’s Blue Silk Bhandej Madhubani Printed Saree is available at just Rs 17,850/- to style your look, you can buy this amazing piece by clicking the link in Bio!

Peach Bhandej Madhubani Printed Silk Designer Saree

Super comfy and lightweight Peach Bhandej Madhubani Printed Silk Designer Saree design purposely made for the hot summer. The soft color of liveliness is a perfect fusion of elegant print with centenarian bandhej print to give a fresh trendy look and feel like a Diva.

Drape this amazing Peachy soothing cloth to create the perfect attire for the wedding function for your dearests. Eye-catchy designer saree is specially fabricated for amazing young girls who like you to look like a young woman and flaunt flawlessly.

A classy latest saree if paired with lively jewelry necklace and dazzling earring with a sassy ring, you create a dynamic uptown look. You can carry this dazzling saree wherever you want, its feature like touch will aspire you to stand out in the party.

You can buy this upmarket Vasansi Peach Bhandej Madhubani Printed Silk Saree at just Rs 17,850/- and flaunt gorgeous in this exclusive look.


Adorn these amazing designer sarees at the most economical prices and flaunt like a Diva. Vasansi Jaipur is a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs. Ranging from a saree to wedding lehengas, Vasansi Jaipur has everything for everyone. You can have the best virtual personal shopping experience with Vasansi Jaipur.

You can also book a virtual tour to the entire store with the shopping experts. You can even arrange a WhatsApp as well as a video appointment online. Vasansi Jaipur is a perfect place to explore the latest trends.

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