Coco Chanel Dossier Perfumes and Its Best Fragrances

Coco Chanel Perfume

You don’t need to break the bank or purchase expensive scents you can’t afford to smell good. There are brands like Dossier that produce affordable products like Coco Chanel Perfume for the average consumer.

This post will explain the different types of dossier scents that smell the same as the original expensive ones. Dossier collections range from summer scents, unisex scents, masculine and feminine scents, and so on. Read on to find out more.

Coco Chanel Perfume dossier. co and Its Fragrances

Coco Chanel Perfume This is an iconic signature scent of Chanel Scents that many brands are tirelessly trying to duplicate. Only a few of those brands are successful in this endeavor, and among them is Dossier. Dossier’s version is more affordable, yet retains the quality of the original perfume. Dossier’s Coco Chanel bottles have varying sizes, from small to medium to large sizes. If you walk into a physical shop, they’ll give you samples of Dossier’s Coco Chanel for testing. You can also send back the product if you’re not satisfied after purchasing it. However, most consumers are satisfied with this product and love its enduring scent. Coco Chanel comes in many forms. There is the Coco Chanel 5 scent, the Coco Blue Chanel variety, and many more.

Dior Sauvage Nothing screams clean and more refreshing than Dossier’s version of Dior Sauvage. This product is the best for the sporty or outdoorsy types, especially those who sweat a lot. This masculine fragrance is also ideal for men that are going on dates or have formal gatherings. It has a clean, earthy, and woodsy scent that appeals to lots of men. Its scent lasts for hours and the perfume has a strong sillage. Perfume experts recommended this product to those who want to smell nice and good. Ingredients in this product include cedar, florals, pepper, citruses, vetiver, bergamot, and geraniums. In addition, the perfume is ideal for summer because it makes you feel cool. 

Men of sophistication can also go for Dior Sauvage due to its elegance and spiciness. If you wish to impress your date or the people around you, put on a dose of this scent. Contrarily, Dior Sauvage has a floral scent that contradicts its masculine fragrance. However, both scents blend smoothly to give a woodsy, yet floral masculine fragrance. According to customers’ feedback, women gushed about how men that wore this perfume exuded a sensuality they couldn’t resist. The uniqueness of the product makes it the perfect choice for both informal and formal events.

Chanel Blue Perfume Are you tired of the same old boring fragrance? Then Dossier’s Chanel Blue is the right fragrance for you. It is especially ideal for use in summer and gives you a cool, refreshing feel. Even when it’s not summertime and you spray it, it will remind you of summer. This is the perfect beauty product for ladies, made from peaches, almonds, citruses, and florals. However, if you prefer other Coco Chanel scents, worry not. The dossier has produced many Coco Chanel scents to cater to their consumers’ tastes.

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume Polge Jacques is the originator of the original Coco Chanel product. However, other brands have tried to mimic the product and only a few brands like Dossier succeeded. Dossier combined various citrus fruits with different florals, then beans (tonka), opoponax, patchouli, musk, vanilla, and vetiver. Furthermore, the product has a woodsy aroma all thanks to the use of woody ingredients that complement the other scents. Coco Chanel invigorates and revives the senses when you smell the fragrance. The scent makes you feel as if you are in a green garden with citrus trees and surrounded by the warmth of the sun. The perfume is not as dark as other Dossier products. On the contrary, it emits a light fragrance that is suitable for those that like delicate scents. This product is suitable for the outdoors, especially if you have a picnic or want to visit a garden.

YSL Libre Perfume This product gives a complicated, yet easy-to-identify scent. It is complicated because it has both masculine and feminine scent bases. Therefore, it is a unisex perfume that evokes different feelings in both men and women. If a man wears it, it softens their auras and makes them more approachable. Whereas if a woman wears it, it brings out their femininity and strengths. When you spritz the perfume, you’d first perceive a citrus smell that comes from the citrus ingredients. This is followed by the smell of lavender, vanilla, and jasmine. In addition, its flowery scent makes you feel like you’re surrounded by flowers in an understated way. Men and women that want to feel sensual and bolder will adore this product. The product comes in different forms and you have the liberty to choose what variant appeals to your taste. If you’re going to a gathering where you need to make a fashion statement, then YSL is for you. It is also for women who work in a male-dominated environment and want to assert their authority. Indeed, Dossier outdid itself on this one because it is almost like the original YSL brand.

Chanel No 5 Perfume Dossier’s brand of Chanel 5 fragrance is unique and perfect. Not only does its scent last for days, but it also has a good sillage. A little spray of this product stays with you far longer than other products. If you are gathered in a group and you spritz the perfume on, those around you will notice you. They will also be quick to locate you by the smell. The perfume is ideal for night parties or when you go out to catch fun. When you step into a room, the occupants will be assuaged by the scent of citruses, jasmine, and rose. After a while, other fragrances like musk (white), patchouli, vetiver, beans (tonka), and opoponax will subtly follow. The combination of these scents produces a highly mature scent that brings out a calm and strong aura.

Jadore Perfume This name originally belongs to a Dior perfume product. The dossier has now produced its own brand of Jadore. It has a soft feminine flowery scent that attracts people to the wearer. The perfume is manufactured with fruits and exquisite flowers that have fragrant aromas. In addition, peaches and other florals are added to the mixture. Many brands are yet to succeed in replicating this perfume. Yet, Dossier has done a fantastic job of doing so. Dossier’s Jadore is good to the extent that you can differentiate between Dossier’s and the original. Their version is as good as the original and has a sweet scent with a barely noticeable musky aroma. This is followed by musk, plums, then sandalwood which contributes to its woodsy fragrance. Dossier knows what it is doing because the addition of sandalwood makes you feel better after smelling the perfume.

Additionally, sandalwoods give the perfume a woodsy smell that balances the sweetness of the fragrance. While musk and plums are responsible for the product’s sweet aroma. Similarly, both ingredients give the perfume citrus and fruity smell.

Saint Laurent Perfume Dossier’s Saint Laurent is about sillage and longevity. Once you spray on this perfume, it stays on you for hours. The amount of concentrated ingredients in this perfume is close to 15 – 20 percent while alcohol makes up the rest. Because it’s an alcohol-based perfume, it takes quite a while for the product to dry from the skin. Furthermore, the manufacturer thickened the sillage so that the scent can spread to the surroundings. So if you wear this fragrance, those that are not close to you can still smell it. However, the thickness of the sillage ranges from a strong sillage to a normal sillage. If you have a date, wear this perfume. People will notice you as you move around because the fragrance will surround you.

Yves Saint Laurent Perfume Otherwise known as YSL perfume, it’s a product that comes from the popular Dossier brand. The major ingredient used in manufacturing this product is Lavender. This is why it produces a soft feminine scent once you spray the perfume. You can wear it at night or in the daytime, depending on your preference. If you have a party to attend or a formal event to go to, just spray this scent to smell nice.

Who is this made for? It’s made for independent ladies who want to have that soft aura around them while they go about their activities. This is one of the few Dossier scents that is singularly made for women and not for men. In addition, Yves has a flowery fragrance that invigorates the senses with a sweet and tangy aroma. You can attribute the sweet aroma to the addition of vanilla extract. While the tanginess comes from orange accord (blossom).

Black Opium Perfume Another brilliant beauty product from Dossier, Black Opium got its name from a French brand. This brand is also known for selling perfumes in France. Dossier’s black Opium screams class and elegance with a touch of dark beauty. When you spray the perfume, you can smell a wave of luxurious aroma that is distinct from this product. The perfume is made for women who like bold scents and comes in different variants. It has an iconic smell that holds you spellbound once you catch a whiff of the aroma. This has made black Opium stand out because it’s rare to see any other brand achieve this smell. Additionally, the fragrance captivates, wakes up, and seduces your senses. This is a scent you can choose to be your signature fragrance.

The ingredients for this perfume include vanilla, musk (white), patchouli, coffee (black), and florals. The unique aroma of the coffee ingredient makes it different from other Dossier collections. Other ingredients inside are fruits, pepper (pink), licorice, almond (bitter), and the essence of cedarwood. The rest are pears (accord), jasmine, and the essence of mandarin. There is also a slightly woodsy aroma, courtesy of the cashmere woody ingredient. The scent is inside a black glittery, sleek bottle that dazzles the eyes. In the middle is a block that shimmers with a label.

Chanel Gabrielle Perfume Dossier made a version of a Chanel Gabrielle perfume called Floral Ylang Ylang. It is a perfect mixture of four different flowers that are used to make perfumes. When you spray this scent on, you get a flowery aroma that trails behind you as you go. It also gives you a fresh feeling all day long. Furthermore, this perfume has fruity and musky tones that blend perfectly with flowery scents. In addition, it is affordable, doesn’t evaporate easily, and lasts long. This fragrance smells exactly like the original Chanel Gabrielle. However, while this product is good because of its affordability, it’s best not to use it in hot weather. Nevertheless, Dossier Chanel Gabrielle is a feminine scent that women will fall in love with. Spray this on to get that lovely, feminine, and elegant smell on you. The price of this perfume stratus from 100 dollars and above depending on where you buy it from.

Creed Perfume This particular fragrance is among the most sought-after fragrances in the world. Many people will pay huge money just to own this perfume. The dossier didn’t disappoint as its brand of Creed perfume is of high quality. This scent is specially made for men who want to smell nice.

Marc Jacobs Perfume The Dossier version of this perfume is called Floral Violet. It is inspired by the perfume made by Marc Jacobs. This perfume is delicately made to give that romantic and sophisticated feel to the wearer. It has a floral, musky, and fruity fragrance. It’s a perfume that you’ll surely love to add to your collections.


Dossier perfumes including the Coco Chanel perfume scent, are all wonderfully and carefully made in laboratories. Dossier perfumes do not have harmful chemicals because they mostly have natural ingredients. Hence, they don’t damage the skin when they come into contact with it.

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