4 Lovely ideas to show your Heartfelt Feelings to your Spouse

4 Lovely Ideas To Show Your Heartfelt Feelings To Your Spouse

So you have found your special someone who loves you back in a million ways? Congo! You probably would like to keep them in your life for a longer time. If that is the case, you should buckle up your shoes because it might require some effort.

Falling in love is indeed a special feeling, and we all enjoy that extra love from that someone special, right? But unfortunately, that feeling can wither away with time. Yes, people tend to fall out of love as easily as they fall into it. They often get bored with the same old love. It is when one mistakes it for a routine, and starts to consider it as a duty. So, it is essential to make your partner feel extra special. Wondering who makes so many efforts in an aged marriage? Well, Irrespective of the time you two have been together, it is essential to express your love to your partner. Imagine if your partner abandons you after so many years of togetherness, just because you aren’t romantic anymore. You wouldn’t like it, right?

All you need to find is some inspiration to make your spouse feel loved. Of course, saying ‘i love you’ is no doubt essential to show love, but what else? Sometimes we run out of ideas to be romantic around our partner. When trying to make someone feel special, a simple idea like getting an online flower delivery in ghaziabad to surprise them is enough. So, here is a list of ideas as easy as this. Let’s begin!

Prepare their favorite meals

Remember when I said it might take some effort? I was talking about this. You know food holds more vigor than people think. No, I’m not talking about food is the necessity to survive, but it has the ability to bring people together. Yes, if you genuinely want to impress your partner, then prepare their favorite meal for them. Why do you think that celebrations include fancy food? No cheating, please! Don’t just order their favorite dish from

And take all the credits. Prepare it yourself. Don’t worry if you give yourself one out of ten in cooking; your efforts will cover up for the taste.

Avoid being a cliche

To add the surprise element, you have to eliminate the element of cliche. That means to avoid doing the things that people have been doing and are ‘ reckoned to be’ passionate. I know that sounds exactly contradicting as I’m composing an article on romance. But wait, hear me out. What I’m saying is that if fancy dinners are not your thing, then please don’t do it. Maybe you two enjoy your food more on your couch while watching a movie. Ye, everyone has their own preferences. Also, do the unexpected. If she is expecting a cake delivery, instead order flowers online and surprise her.

Listening is the key

Well, you will not find anything as easy as listening. Yes, that is the only thing you need to do. We usually don’t realize that we don’t listen to our better half properly, and that thing can be bad. You know communication usually gets left behind, especially in long term relationships. Because we are involved in our day to day chaos, we often forget to hear out our partner. All it takes is to sit and hear whatever is built up inside them. You might feel that the topic is not of your interest, or you might have heard it before, but still make an effort to hear.

Engage in a common interest

One of the best things that couples can do to relieve the long lost romance is to engage in some common interests. Since you two are that close, you must be knowing what some activities that you both enjoy indulging in are. It can be anything, (yes, sitting and binge eating counts too). Remember, you two fell in love over these similar interests. A couple that enjoys together stays together.

These are some amazing ways to express your feelings to your partner.

 Please have a look at the list; you may find some inspiration and use them to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

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