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Ladies gold jewellery

When it comes to marriage in India then gorgeous jewellery is an integral part of it. Brides always wait with excitement because they start their wedding plans much earlier and what jewellery they want to wear is a major part of that. They also keep a special time to plan their wedding attire, shoes and makeup for the day so that they can match it well with their jewellery and look gorgeous. Bridal jewellery does have a certain aura and so it makes the entire bridal look out of the world.

Ladies gold jewellery is termed to be the wedding traditional in most parts of the country but it can still be culture and region specific. Here are some top bridal jewelleries that Indian brides choose to wear on their special day.

 Kundan Jewellery

This is said to be the most expensive variety when it comes to bridal jewellery. This is because it has high quality and very minute workmanship. This variety is mainly patronized by the Rajasthani aristocrats and they were brought to India by the Mughal traditional. They have fabulous designs and wearing them on their wedding day can give one a gorgeous look.

 Gold Jewellery

In Bengal and southern part of India, this is the quintessential wedding jewellery that is worn by the brides. In fact, if there is no gold jewellery then the wedding looks incomplete. There are many modern brides though who keep looking for modern and lightweight gold jewellery and they have also come up with some lovely designs which can cater the modern wedding ceremony and according to the preference of the bride. The patterns and the designs are changing also from time to time and it depends on the region where it has been created.

Temple Jewellery

It is antique yet traditional jewellery and this is mainly made along with the engraved figures of Ganesha and Lakshmi in it. This jewellery is mainly worn for prosperity and happiness. Temple jewelleries are said to be heavy and they do have a divine vibe and they are also perfect to be worn by any Indian bride.

Diamond Jewellery

It is a modern variation of wedding jewellery and one can wear them if they are not fond of much heavy jewelleries. These variations can go with most wedding attires and one can flaunt a very elegant look after wearing them. Apart from weddings, one can also wear them for any formal or casual occasions.

Kaasu Maalai

It is totally traditional in terms of jewelleries and they are worn by the Indian brides on their special day. These jewelleries are mostly made by the gold coins and mangas which are string tied together and hence they make a proper necklace which is mainly worn by the South Indians. They go really well with silk wedding attire.

Apart from these, there is plenty of wedding jewellery variations that one can try. For women jewellery online shopping one can only go to trusted sites if they want to buy gold jewellery there.

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