Stylish Ways To Wear White In Summer

If there’s a shade for the hot summertime, it has to be a breezy white. Keeping the reflecting heat aside, white is a color striking the perfect spot between effortless, easy-going, and elegant. And that’s exactly what you need this summer.

But, how? Let us explore the classy options available for men to wear white in this article.

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White Suit

With the summer season around, you have a great chance to wear the classic white suit and take a break from the typical grey-blue suits. Slaying in the white suit could be your thing if you know how to get it right with the key elements.

The right material & style.

The lighter weaved cotton, wool blend, and linen are the main fabrics for summer suits. You can choose a cream white or off-white, linen or a linen blend suit to get a more relaxed touch to your white outfit. You can also get an easy-going single-breasted two-buttoned white suit for summer, or you can try to be more experimental with a double-breasted three-buttoned suit.

Pairing your white suit with accessories of the same tone might not work well for you. Try opting for lighter neutral colors like beige, tan, eggshell, or pastel shades for your accessories with the suit. Or you can consider standing out of the crowd by opting for some contrasting shades and designs like blue, red, or violet.

You can go for an entire outfit to be white, creating a very powerful and polished look for formal occasions. And, if you want to wear a white linen suit, you can team it up with a light-colored linen shirt. For a casual-formal event, break the all-white rhythm, and go for a darker or pastel shade shirt that’s in contrast with your white suit.

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White Blazer

Blazers offer you so many options to pick from, you’ll carry a blazer throughout summer once you find a perfect one for your wardrobe.

The right material & style.

The right blazer should bring style and comfort to your daily look. Cotton, seersucker, or linen blazer in white, should do the trick. A white linen blazer wearer radiates a sense of confidence and a relaxed attitude. Also, there is versatility in styles of linen suits, helping you to create a chic summer look. A white blazer can be a showstopper for various summer events and vacations. It elevates any casual look, making it presentable.

Linen is an ideal fabric for casual unstructured blazers. Pairing a white blazer with white summer pants and a linen shirt, with sockless loafers is another attractive look, for someone who can carry a casual all-white look. Teaming up a blazer with a pair of jeans is a go-to combination while creating a relaxed, yet put-together look. But do not pair it with very big checks in dark shades if you don’t want to ruin your perfect summer look.

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White Chinos

The summer choice of all the city men, white chinos are a must-have or a staple into every man’s wardrobe. It’s important to note how you choose the perfect pair of white chinos, the safest color blends, and the most suitable moment and place to wear them.

The right material & style.

Make sure to choose a clear-solid white shade of white chinos. You can also go for light beige, off-white, or sand chinos if you are not a fan of the very bright effect. Pick a soft cotton twill fabric for your tailored chinos. It will provide you the utmost comfort throughout the summer season. White chinos are most suitable for casual Fridays to the office meetings, date nights, and weekend getaways. Avoid wearing them in cloudy and wet weather as it’s very easy to get them stained.

Highlight your white chinos wearing them with the different shirts. It is a very simple yet very creative idea to make your outfit compliment your personality. You can try experimenting with other various options of shirts ranging from striped to denim to printed, or maybe a simple polo shirt. If you are trying to achieve a more formal look, then pair your white chinos with brown brogues. Boat shoes or light brown loafers will make your night in a city look complete, where you want to keep your appearance casual but at the same time, not too casual.

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White Linen Shirt

Purchasing some cool, breathable shirts would be your best investment this summer. A white linen shirt will be a perfect purchase for the summer season, protecting you from the heat and sweating, providing you with a breezy and carefree look.

The right material & style.

Men’s white linen shirt has a certain fresh and rugged look to it. For the right fabric choice, you can go for a cotton-linen blend or 100% linen. A tailored linen shirt can be styled with different types of collar styles, other than your daily shirts like club collar or mandarin collar. Experimenting with different styles of collars will shun the mundane vibe of your white linen shirt making it look stylish and cool.

Although a white linen shirt is a staple casual item in your wardrobe, it never fails to add a certain style or character to all your looks. It perfectly fits well in all the scenarios like running errands in the city, going out in the evening with friends, or taking a break from your routine.

To get a fearless yet understated elegant look, you can pair up your white linen shirt with tailor-made shorts or a slim pair of chinos. A linen blazer of a light blue shade or a cotton blazer with strips on it will lift your look for casual occasions in the night.

How to wear white can bring about a certain kind of dilemma, especially when the trend keeps changing and so many options are available on hand. So, why not get bold with our choices and embrace the varying shades of white, such as off-white, eggshell, ecru, cream, ivory. Or maybe try blending them in the same outfit or with different elements, adding some visual texture to your look, and make it complete.

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