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5 Ways Marketing Has Evolved in the Past 5 Years


Marketing is essential for any business organization as it connects the business to potential customers. A company gets to communicate its purpose and present its services or products through marketing. Over the last five years, there have been significant improvements in marketing. The following are five of how marketing has evolved in the past five years.

1. Advanced Social Networking

Social media marketing has moved from the traditional regular posting of content to something better. Businesses no longer post and remain silent; they have found better approaches to introducing the content to customers. For example, smart companies will take the content posted on various social media platforms to create a digital magazine or newsletter. Social media and digital marketing cannot exist without each other. It is because digital marketing is a form of social media; hence, the two are inseparable.

Also, the number of social media platforms has increased, which is an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach a new target audience. For example, companies focused on Facebook and LinkedIn or Twitter as their primary marketing platforms five years ago. At present, TikTok has a broader marketing potential compared to other platforms.

2. Advanced SEO Services

Search engine optimization has advanced with the introduction of bots, which can work on Twitter profiles, blogs, and websites to ensure search engines offer accurate information about a business organization. Search engine optimization is an off-page activity that helps businesses achieve their marketing goals. Five years ago, many companies invested in Google AdWords and other forms of traffic generation methods to drive the traffic to their website, but these methods were too expensive and less effective.

3. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a critical element in today’s marketing strategy. It helps businesses track their performance and adjust their activities accordingly to achieve the best results. One of how this automation allows businesses is that it allows them to undertake a more focused and efficient online strategy. Marketing managers can create a list of their target customers, adequate keywords, reward, and feedback programs and automate when appropriate.

Despite the benefits of technology, you must be aware of the increase in lead generation fraud. It comes in various forms that will trick customers into clicking on different fraudulent ads and could cost a business its brand reputation. A company must be careful to buy leads only from a reputable source when marketing content.

4. High Mobile Technology Usage

Mobile technology plays a significant role in today’s marketing strategy because it allows customers to browse, transact and shop without leaving home. Many people are now using smartphones and tablets for business purposes as well. Customers who have a smartphone or tablet can access your business’s information facility whenever they want. They can access your business’s website, view its content, and even place an order from the contact form. The people who use smartphones and tablets for their business purposes are generally more loyal and willing to spend more money on products or services offered by their businesses.

5. Conversational AI

Conversational AI marketing plays a significant role in increasing sales, as it makes it possible for customers to obtain information and ask questions directly to the company. Chatbots are the digital agents that are used to provide customer service and enhance an experience on digital platforms. They can give you accurate information about the products or services offered by your business and answer any questions you might have.

Thanks to technological advancement, there is no doubt that it has evolved in the past five years. Also, the above five are not the only ways marketing has evolved. Other changes that are worth mentioning include:

a) Product-led Marketing

Marketing has gone beyond just pitching to customers. It has started earning customers’ trust, and now it is more about offering products that have a good reputation and excellent customer service.

b) Increased Content Marketing

This is no longer a buzzword; it has become a communication strategy. With content, businesses can talk directly with customers and present their products. For example, some companies have started to use YouTube to post video tutorials on using their products.

c) Micro-Influencers

Marketers have now realized that a strategy that focuses on popular influencers is no longer effective. They are now shifting the focus to micro-influencers, who have a small audience, but they are willing listeners and often respond positively to your content.

d) Smart Ads

As advertising gets more expensive, marketers are looking for ways of advertising more effectively. One of the ways of using smart ads is through pre-roll advertising. It is because the ads shown before the pre-roll ad will have a higher rate than the regular ones.

These are just a few ways marketing has evolved over the last five years.

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