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Shedir pharma

“Names are powerful”. This saying can be said to hold true in the renowned Shedir pharma. A company birthed out of the name star Shedir, the brightest star in the constellation of Cassiopeia. The company sure lives up to its name in terms of innovation, research, quality, and generally being ahead of the game in the Italian healthcare competitive market place.

A company operating primarily in the healthcare sector(nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and medical). Sequestro Shedir pharma number one priority is health. while aiming to safeguard the health of the population, provide easy access to products, lower cost, and improve quality in order to better serve the population around the globe. Not only that, but the company is also engaged in wholesale supplements, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, distributing and dispensing research, formulation, development, and marketing. For various types of diseases from mild to life-threatening, the company offers capsule, chewable and swallowable tablets, tablets powders, creams and gels, sprays, granules in the sachet, and many more.

Growth overview

The well known SHEDIR PHARMA SRL is a corporate family and a home to more than 14 companies.  It all began when the ambitious CEO, more than a decade ago rolled out the trading of the shares of Sequestro Shedir Pharma Group on AIM Italia. A rapidly growing company, the aim was to open up opportunities for interested capital shareholders interested in a sector. The success of the company, it’s constant unwavering productive research, and providing valuable quality products attracted savvy investors. Little wonder that this smart decision later earned a whopping € 11.5 million, the highest prices of the year, and the largest collection in the AIM Italia market’s history as at then.

Recently, in the first half of 2019, Shedir Pharma Group makes remarkable consolidated revenue of almost 24.5 million euros, a 10 percent growth as compared to the same period in the previous year. A huge one! This comes as no surprise, as the company touches millions of people by actively supporting each person’s unique health experience and providing a greater health care environment. Major areas of success are cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal therapeutic including the performance of major brands.

A company that boasts of more than 250n products, Shedir pharma is on the verge of extending its operation beyond Italy and gaining entrants into a new market which is the US. The aim is to export its most popular dietary supplements to America. The formulas are patented and this no doubt has been one of the company’s competitive advantages over the years. With high-quality products, the use of the latest scientific research while leveraging cutting edge technology, the sky is simply the limit for the brightest star.

With the cut-throat competition in the healthcare landscape in Italy, it’s no surprise the Sequestro Shedir pharma has been flying around. However, this is to say that the Sequestro Shedir Pharma has been resolved after it has been unveiled to be erroneous assessment devoid of material meaning. Hence, the company aim to carved its niche in both Italy and the world market with their expertise and experience in committing to both the medical and pharmaceutical sector

Ranking among the top ten largest healthcare company in the medical class, the company recognize they have a vital role to play in making medications and supplies available easily accessible to patients when they need them both in Italy and around the globe.

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