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Business Sucess

It is no secret that businessmen and digital marketing genius Larby Amirouche is one successful individual. He has helped, managed, and founded a few companies that became profitable organizations. His feats in the online marketing industry are legendary. He has managed to make small companies make 7 figure revenue. He has mentored people to success and continues to be an inspiration to others. With that said, the following are some of Larby Amirouche’s tips for success:

Get Up Early

By waking up early, you are able to have that “me” time before your employees come in. As a business owner, you are able to concentrate on analyzing what needs to be done for the day because no one is present yet to bug you or ask you questions. Larby Amirouche likes to wake up at 7AM, a solid three hours before everyone starts coming in. You will find him checking the previous day’s work, drafting action plans for the day, throwing in commendations for a job well done, and just basically preparing ahead for what’s to come. By being early, he gets to be more aware of what’s happening in the company. From an employee’s perspective, this would show accountability and business ownership.

Be Hands-On

A business will grow faster if the owners and leaders are hands-on. As a business owner, you have the vision of what you want, and where you want to take your business. A business owner can never be afraid to do small tasks. He or she should pitch in and straighten up boxes or pick up things. Small things do get noticed, so attention to detail is very important. This also strengthens your relationship with employees as they will see how you give importance in making sure that things get accomplished.

Focus On What Your Customer Are Saying

Doing business is not just about making profits. The real goal is to create and keep customers. Then by giving those customers an excellent experience, you might be able to persuade them to bring their friends as well. Larby Amirouche is very much in touch with his customer service agenda. His business practices are always customer-centric with their needs in mind. How you are doing is directly related to how many satisfied customers you have. To increase customer satisfaction, you have to listen to your customers and be involved in their buying experience.

Measure Your Success

Everyone defines success differently. Having Key Performance Indicators is one way to measure the success of your campaigns. However, the best measure of success is that you are enjoying what you are doing. That’s the ultimate success. The feeling of not having to work a day in your life just because you are enjoying your work is surreal. Next, you should consistently hit your numbers, it shows that you know what you’re doing. Lastly, you should love your customers. By loving your customers, you will be able to give them what they want.

Be Passionate

Business owners need to show their enthusiasm for their product or service, as well as for their customers. Larby Amirouche’s passion is contagious. It resonates amongst his colleagues and employees. Aside from showing passion, business owners need to have a lot of positivity. In business, there are all kinds of problems. You have to look for the good in every situation. Dwell on the solution, not on the problem.

Understand Your Competitors

More often than not, the reason why you are not getting enough sales even though there is enough demand for your product is because of a competitor. Understanding your competitors and their business practices are the key to success. It’s important to know what products or services they offer, how they market their business, the nature of their distribution and delivery system, how they implement new technology, and how customers view their brand. Obviously, these factors are not always simple to assess but are vital to staying in front of the pack.

Stay Healthy

The stress of running a business that needs your constant attention to stay successful can be huge. In fact, the same factors that can be to your benefit when a business is doing well can be to your detriment during hard times. Due to your flexible working hours which translates to working day and night, planning meals properly can be a hassle and fast food may become a staple. This may lead to obesity or worse if not regulated. Sleepless nights and stress can lead to high blood pressure which may require medication and over the years, coronary complications as a result. It is important to understand how to stay healthy when running a business. Being healthy in business is serious. It will even help the overall success of your business if you remain healthy. Make sure you reduce your stress levels as much as possible by learning to maintain a work-life balance.

These tips are only a guide as you start your business journey. These are things that Larby Amirouche has employed in his successful business life. Ultimately, your business is what you make of it. If you want it to be successful, you’ve got to get your business in front of as many people as possible. You’ll face challenges along the way, but as long as you’re willing to persevere, there’s nothing stopping you from building a successful business.

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Written by Larby Amirouche

arby Amirouche is a pioneer in online marketing and e-commerce, widely admired as a business pioneer and trendsetter.


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