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India has made progress in almost every sector in the past few years. The market and products have gotten a facelift, so the customers. The nature of Indian customers has changed drastically in the last decade. The consumers who generally went to the market examined every one possible item minutely, bargained with the salesman, and finally bought one coveted thing. Shopping was almost like a ritual or big event then.

Now, those same consumers find it more convenient to order things online. They can enjoy a wider collection of things, enjoy discounts and get all the products at their doorstep without any extra cost like transports. This is the new India and here people have the facility to even Buy Bakra Online.

Just like any other e-commerce website, this feature is also getting its due popularity. There are many vendors who are coming up to upgrade their livestock business on a larger scale. Though there are many websites from where people can buy goats and other livestock, it is the Pashubajaar that is gaining most of the love and trust from the consumers.

What is Pashubajaar?

Pashubajaar is a website to Buy Bakra Online. This is an initiative of The Nandi Nandan Breeds and Seeds India Pvt Limited, a year-old company of livestock. To understand the brand value, you should know that it is a sister concern of the Goat Trust India. They are one of the oldest and renowned companies for goat breeding and farming. They also have the Pashudhan Bank from where the women of the ultra-rural areas loan goats for farming. They earn their daily living from the goat farming supported by The Goat Trust India.

The company trains and guides the goat farmers about the best atmosphere for the optimum growth of the goats. They also appoint veterinarians to track the health of the animals. They make sure each of the goats gets timely vaccination and deworming medicines.

From this background, you must have come to know the main reason for the popularity of the website. They are working dedicatedly for years to provide the best quality goat to everyone.

What are the reasons for the popularity of Pashubajaar?

Though there are many websites now that are delivering the livestock in India, Pashubajaar is the most popular among all.

•They sell the bucks online after following the live body weight and grading base estimation. It is the first Indian company to do this to maintain transparency in the business.

•They provides a medical certificate with each of the purchased goats to make sure they deliver healthy and disease-free animals.

•As they are in the livestock business for long, they know the requirement of any particular consumer. For example, if anyone wants to buy Qurbani Bakra for Eid, then they provide the goats that come under certain guidelines.

•There are so many varieties of goats available on the website. All the leading breeds of India like Jamnupari, Osmanabadi, Betal, Sirohi, Black Bengal, and Gaddi are available on the website. Moreover, you will get the premium quality goat as well.

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