In House vs Outsourcing – Is a Digital Marketing Agency the Best Option For Your Business?

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing isn’t something you want to ignore. While print marketing campaigns, think of advertisement flyers by the door, aren’t completely gone. You do want to expand your marketing strategy.

Even if your other campaigns like customer-focused emails are producing results, you’re still missing out on reaching a large audience—this is exactly when digital marketing comes in and this also leads to an important question. So, should you use an in-house team or a digital marketing agency?

For some businesses, the answer is pretty easy. For example, they don’t have an in-house team and are already outsourcing their marketing needs. The question is a little more difficult if you have an in-house team working on your advertising strategies so does it make sense to outsource your digital marketing?

To help better inform you, we’ll take a look at a few of the benefits a digital marketing agency can provide, along with a couple of reasons why you may want to keep everything in-house.

Benefits of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

So, why would you want to spend additional funds on a digital marketing agency, especially if you have in-house staff working on your other advertising strategies? A key reason is experience.

It has a lot of moving parts. In other words, it’s more complex than drafting an email or designing a print flier. This may mean training your in-house team, and this takes time and money.

Now that you have a good idea of why it’s often best to outsource digital marketing, here’s a look at some of the advantages.

Access to Experts

Digital marketing means advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter).

If you’re familiar with these platforms, even if you’re only browsing through the posts, you know each one has a slightly different format. Some platforms are image-focused, while others deal more with text. Some are even a combination, and this means you need to create something different for each site.

Just imagine how much time your in-house team may need to spend to perfect the advertising for each platform. This is before the training they may need to go through.

A digital marketing agency already understands the platforms and knows what resonates with users on each one. In the time it takes your team to get up to speed, the digital marketing firm is ready to start uploading your advertising.

Best of all, your marketing team may be able to pick up a few pointers from the agency’s experts. Not only do you get well-crafted material but also a bit of free education.

You Can Focus on Other Business Activities

Just like with other types of advertising campaigns, digital marketing takes time to start showing noticeable results. For comparison, think about your sales numbers from a short-term event. Maybe you had a one-day flash sale and profits exceeded expectations—this is an example of a short-term result.

It is similar to an email campaign. You get results but they can be slow to trickle in. Digital advertising works towards producing long-term results like bringing in new customers and helping to boost consumer loyalty.

Even though you do see a return on your investment (ROI) with a digital marketing agency, it takes time. This is true even if you keep everything in-house. However, by relying on a marketing agency, you’re freeing up a lot of time to concentrate on meeting other short-term goals. Profits can continue to increase, especially if you’re able to focus on other business activities.

Quickly Create Effective Marketing Campaigns

Remember your access to experts? A marketing agency not only employs experts but also has a system in place that can quickly generate effective online advertising campaigns.

The agency has the framework for every digital platform you may want to advertise on, and this means you’re not waiting around for weeks to see results from a marketing firm. Their team already has the basics, all that’s left is to tweak it to meet your business’s needs.

Get Faster Results with a Digital Marketing Agency

Obviously, if you have an in-house advertising department that’s ready to roll out a digital marketing campaign you’re probably not going to need to outsource the work. However, not every business is ready to take on social media platforms and produce results—this is when it often makes sense to work with a marketing agency.

If you’re worried about costs, it’s more affordable than you may think. Especially if you need time to train your current staff. Instead of waiting for results, you can start seeing an almost immediate return with a marketing agency.

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