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There are so many kitchen appliances nowadays to facilitate your work in the kitchen. They help in making food preparation and cooking easier. According to home appliances supplier, Albert Fouerti, these appliances come with so many wonderful functions just for you. Examples of kitchen appliances are hobs, refrigerators, ovens, air fryers, and so on.

Why You Need Modern Kitchen Appliances

Albert Fouerti said that it is important for every home to have two or more efficient kitchen appliances. When you have this modern cooking equipment, not only will your kitchen outlook change, you will enjoy cooking more. They are guaranteed to make you feel less stressed in the kitchen and spend less time there. But the question is, how do you know which kitchen appliances you need out of the hundred pieces of equipment out there? Don’t worry, this article will list some must-have kitchen appliances for you. This is to make your buying decision easier.

Some Essential Kitchen Appliances

  • Ovens (Electric)

Ovens (Electric)

Ovens are a must-have for every home, says Albert Fouerti. Even though it is a very expensive item in the kitchen, you might need to consider buying it to cook. Before you buy one, there are certain things you need to put into consideration. This includes your financial capability, cooking needs, family size, and oven features. Some ovens have automated features to self-clean and adjust heat, and perform different types of cooking like steaming or warming. While others have additional functions like WiFi and Bluetooth connections, and some even give recipes

  • Functions of a multilevel cooking oven

An oven with multilevel cooking options can cook food at different temperatures. This stops the oven from transferring flavor from one oven shelf to the other. As a result, you can bake nice food that requires two different cooking temperatures to cook well. This type of oven is ideal for party planners or those who host gatherings or events. Furthermore, if you are new to cooking, this oven is the perfect equipment for you. It is a smart appliance that doesn’t need much supervision. It also comes with features like smart services for reading recipes for you through an application installed on your smartphone.

  • Functions of ovens with self-cleaning features

Ovens that clean themselves have several advantages. And they come with disadvantages too. For the advantages, they are very efficient, effective, and save time. The main disadvantage is the extra cost that comes with buying such an oven. This is due to the self-cleaning functions available. But to reduce your expenses, go for catalytic liner ovens. They are less expensive than pyrolytic ovens. Still, both pyrolytic and catalytic ovens clean better than normal ovens.

  • Examples of Smart Multipurpose Ovens

There are various reliable oven brands in the market. Brands like Neff produce one of the best smart ovens out there. Their ovens have pyrolytic cleaning functions, WiFi connections, and steaming functions. They are affordable with the latest technology, easy-to-use, and of good quality.

  • Hobs

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Hobs are modern stoves used for cooking. They come in two forms; induction/electric hobs and gas hobs. Some people prefer a gas hob because it can easily control temperature and has simple functions. Additionally, a gas hob is less expensive than an electric hob. On the other hand, other users prefer electric/induction hobs because it is less dangerous compared to gas hobs. Gas hobs have an open flame, which might endanger children at home. But whether you choose a gas or electric hob, both can cause fire due to the emission of excess heat. Another advantage of electric jobs over gas hobs is that it is not difficult to clean them. 

Gas Hobs vs Electric Hobs

  • Gas hobs are less convenient and more expensive than electric hobs. Electric hobs are cheaper than gas hobs.
  • Gas hobs heat up quickly and don’t take long to cool down.
  • Electric hobs are more responsive than gas hobs.
  • Most gas hobs mostly come with two or more cooking areas (burners). Whereas, electric hobs sometimes don’t have more than two cooking areas.
  • Electric hobs are more sleek looking with effective safety locks compared to gas hobs.
  • You can’t use any cooking pots or pans on most electric hobs. You need to find the pots that are especially compatible with them. For gas hobs, any pan and pot can do. You don’t need a special cooking pot for them.


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We often overlook our refrigerators because we don’t use them as much as our stoves and ovens. Yet, they are appliances we can’t do without. They help in storing our food items and drinks and preserving them. In addition, they keep food like vegetables fresh till you need them. Just ensure there is constant electricity so that the items inside the refrigerator will not spoil.

How to Choose The Best Refrigerator

The first thing to do is to look at your budget and needs. Then select an energy-efficient refrigerator that consumes less electricity, thereby, saving your electricity costs. It should also have the capacity and storage space that you are looking for. Your family size and needs will determine the storage space of your refrigerator.


Albert Fouerti advises homeowners to consider functionality first when picking a home appliance. But there are lots of home appliances with efficient functions and stylish designs. However, functional home appliances with beautiful designs are more costly, so if you can afford them, go for them.

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Albert Fouerti is Chief Executive Officer at Appliances Connection & 1 Stop Camera.


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