5 reasons why Gift Cards make for the best Wedding Gifts

Gift Cards

The recent surge in popularity enjoyed by gift cards as presents for newlywed couples is a welcome change that must be encouraged by one and all. Here are 5 reasons that make Gift Cards as the ideal gifting choice for modern millennial couples.


The first and most obvious benefit of a gift card is the flexibility that it offers. For guests who are unable to decide what to gift the couple for their wedding, gift cards often come as lifesavers. The option of deciding on their preferred gifts will be left to the couple and they will be in no hurry to make a quick selection, as gift cards generally come with a longer validity period. Also, receiving gift cards as wedding gifts from renowned brands like Amazon, Croma, Home Centre, Urban Ladder, etc not only helps couples to choose products from a wider collection but also ensures the best quality.

Nothing More, Nothing less!

If you have a fixed budget in your mind within which you intend to get wedding gifts for the couple, then look no further than a gift card. Instead of guests being concerned about spending too much in search of the ‘perfect’ wedding gift, gift cards provide them the option of either matching or staying within their budgetary limits. In fact, gift cards from most of the reputed brands leave the choice of gift denomination to the users, thereby increasing its convenience factor.

Touch of Personalization

A prevailing misconception about giving gift cards as wedding gifts is that they are impersonal and that guests do not put much thought into gifting something memorable for the couple. This is not true especially in the age of wedding gift registries, as awareness about a couple’s dream wishlist is high among guests and only gift cards that make the couple’s wishlist a reality are presented. Also, gift cards from brands like Oryza Spa, Tailorman, Inglot, The Rug Concept, etc offer couples the chance to customize and experiment on their tastes and preferences, to make the best use of their received gifts cards.

Go Green!

Another trend that has found favor with Indian guests is the practice of giving couples E-Gift Cards as wedding gifts. Sending a gift card over an electronic medium is not only environment friendly but also prevents the needless wastage of resources from a logistics point of view. Moreover, well-established brands sensing its increased acceptance among people have already built a loyal user base riding on the popularity wave of E-Gift Cards.


When guests present Gift Cards as their token of love to the couple, it is generally considered more practical and useful in comparison to other gifting choices. For guests, it saves them the trouble of carrying something large or heavy to a wedding, and even while redeeming the gift card, couples can opt for either an online or retail store purchase.

So, sign up on Wedding Wishlist and start presenting gift cards as wedding gifts to your dear ones!

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