Unique Ideas to Improve Tree Health and Growth

Improve Tree Health

Nowadays, many different types of pests and diseases can affect tress health and growth. I know if you are an environmentalist or a nature lover and you plant a sapling and the sampling dies because of pests or some diseases then this hurts the most.

It is very important to stay aware and identify the warning signs like fungal infection and holes in the leaves and protect the trees. Here, I’m explaining some helpful tips to keep trees healthy and strong.

Right Tree at the Right Place-

If you are planning to plant a tree you should first check out which tree is best for your area. Then find a spot which is nearby a water source or enough sunlight.

And, look for the power transmission lines or live wires on the top and into the ground as well. Also, don’t dig a deeper hole for the plant. That is the first mistake that everyone does while planting a sapling.

Give Water Properly-

The second most important thing you need to keep in mind is watering the plant. If it is not raining weekly you need to water the plant like any other plants.

Only saplings require water to grow in the initial months after a year of the plantation; they only need to water once a week. But we need to water in an adequate amount not less or not more because in both of the cases if we don’t water properly the plant will die.

In summers water the plant regularly so that the plant doesn’t get hydrated and in winter or rainy season water weekly because if there is moisture in the plant it also can affect the tree.

Fertilize the Trees-

As we are not planting the tree in a forest, where all the essential nutrients all already present in the soil. We are planting trees in our yards and there we rake and remove the natural fertilizers. So, we need to provide all the nutrients by organic fertilizers present in the markets.

We need to remove some soil near the plant and mix it with the natural fertilizers to make the plant healthy. You can also test your soil and then you need to add only the missing components into the soil.

Routine Checkups-

We all love ourselves and so do we love our trees. Similarly, as we track records of our health and visit the doctor on the routine bases we also need to implement the same with our plants.

We need to check the infections and fungal diseases early so that we can early identify the disease and can make a difference. You can also call a professional for tree inspection such as Sydney tree contractors.

Tree Guards-

Our loving children and animals always get attracted to our tiny trees and unintentionally they damage them. So, for that, we need to use a wired mesh enclosure and plastic tree guard around the tree for safety.

Because in the initial stage of growth a plant needs extra care if the plant gets damaged by an animal there are very rare chances that it will grow further.

Prune Your Trees:

One of the best ways to keep your tree healthy and safe is by removing the infected and dead branches. These not only zero the risk of the disease but also lower the extra strain and stress to the tree.

But pruning large trees is not an easy task for everyone. So, if you have a large tree in your lawn you can better take the help of the professionals because many people have serious injuries or risk their lives by doing so.

Avoid Chemicals-

Maybe your garden needs chemicals for growth but your trees do not. Because some trees in your lawn may die because of the chemical you have used for the grass. So, avoid as little as you can use only organic manures that have zero side effects.

Soil Testing-

Before planting trees everyone should test their lawn or garden soil. With the help of the experts, you can test your soil and check for the essential nutrients in the soil.

These initial checkpoints can save you from the future unnecessary spending. And, if you add the essential nutrients before the plantation as advised by the experts they surely help your trees to grow healthy and stronger.


In today’s life trees guarantee our high quality of life and save our lives from the air pollution. So, we need to plant the tree as much as we can and also do care for them. We have to teach our kids how important plants are to us and our planet.

We should celebrate the environment day in schools and colleges in the presence of kids and our younger generation so that in the little age they know that without trees there is no life.

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Written by Emily Traylor


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