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If you have been following Bitcoin News Today, then there is a question for you. Do you see any similarity between a crypto or Bitcoin businesses with MSB? If you are newly introduced to the cryptocurrency world, then you may not be having much idea about it. However, you must know about MSB. So answering the question asked above, then yes, it is indeed a truth that MSB is considered as crypto businesses. But what does MSB mean to you? Follow the article to know its meaning.

Ever since cryptocurrency has emerged as a successful monetary alternative around the globe, many financial experts have realized its worth. They have started initiating or rather have become serious about this new digital technology. However, there is still a confusion brewing in mind about what sets the crypto businesses apart from regular monetary institutions. Also, what are those services that are provided by MSBs?

Observing regular change in the regulatory landscape, some entrepreneurs are unable to analyze the regulations that apply to them. They need to know that there are rules which apply to old financial institutions, and MSBs. But it is more important to know whether regulators regard you to be as a money transmitter or MSB.

Knowledge About MSB

If you want to know about MSB, then first understand what does it signify. The full form of MSB is ‘’Money Services Business’’. It is a money transfer transaction or currency exchange, which is not limited to any particular form but applies to worldwide businesses and individuals. Besides this, they vary from investments to payment companies, transactions via money order, or by foreign exchange. To know whether you are a money transmitter, it is better to take advice from a compliance expert. In case you don’t consider yourself to be a money transmitter, still, you must refer for a professional opinion. Someone, who is well enough to guide you in regulatory or legal nuances.

What Services Do MSB Offer?

After getting a brief knowledge about MSB, now you must know about the services that are offered by it. MSB plays an important role in helping the regions that are not much developed or you can say underdeveloped. The services provided by MSB to individuals or organizations are limited or non-banking. You can see some examples below:

  • Giving payment services that are akin to insurance, service, or tax payments. MSBs also take the active initiative in money transfer. Other than this, global remittance services are also being provided by the money service business.
  • Cash is accepted here. Be it for currency exchange or money order. Besides this, cash checks are also considered for selling.
  • MSBs are also popular for performing the role of a dealer or exchange office agency. Apart from it, it also initiates other business services such as investment services, microloans, online market, or even crowdfunding.


So today, you got to know basic knowledge about MSB. MSB stands for money services businesses. It is defined as a money transfer transaction or currency exchange. It is not limited to any particular form but applies to global businesses and individuals. MSB is like a money transmitter service that helps underdeveloped regions through needful services. If you have any doubts regarding being a money transmitter, then better consult with a compliance expert who can clear you about it. And if you doubt about being a money transmitter, then, again we suggest you have an opinion of a professional who has expertise in legal and regulatory matters. To know about any crypto update, you need to follow breaking crypto news.

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