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PayPal is the best and the easiest method to collect payments. The problem is that the services of PayPal are not available in all countries. Moreover, the charges of PayPal transactions are also high. These charges are also increasing day by day. Due to this uncertain behavior of PayPal, it is also forcing the freelancers to look for alternatives to PayPal. Most of the PayPal users are also looking for PayPal alternatives because their PayPal accounts are suspended due to minor issues. Here, we will discuss the PayPal alternatives that freelancers can use for payments.


The most important feature of this payment receiving platform is that it allows you to collect your funds in your local currency. You can also transfer the funds from this platform to your local bank account. The services of this payment method are available in different countries. The charges of this payment method vary from one country to another country. Anyhow, the charges of this payment method are lower than charges of other payment methods. The most interesting aspect of this payment method is that its charges are lower than the wire transfer. While transferring currency, you don’t have to pay charges. It means that you can save the charges of the currency exchange. This essential payment method doesn’t allow the transfer of some business funds in some countries. Anyhow, if you want to receive your payment from the freelancing websites, this is the best platform for you.


Payoneer is known as the most popular PayPal alternative for the freelancers. The main cause of its popularity is that its payment services are also available in developing countries. It means that people can send and receive their payments across the world with the help of this payment method. This payment method has some cool features. With the help of these cool features of this payment method, it is easy for you to send and receive the funds. If you want to receive a payment from a client, you can send a payment request to him by using this platform. Your client can easily make the payment by accepting this link. Payoneer also allows the users to send funds by using the credit cards. You will have to pay a 3% fee for each transaction. Moreover, annual charges of this payment method are also $25.


If you are a beginner in the freelancing field and you want to use the PayPal alternative to receive your payments, Skrill is the best platform for you. As a freelancer, you will have to receive the payments. Therefore, you don’t need to pay any charges for it. Anyhow, when you want to receive your payments from a bank by using this platform, you will have to pay some charges. The charges of this payment method vary from one country to another country. If you want to check the charges of this payment method in your country, you should check its fee page. If you want to receive the big amounts by using this payment method, you will have to verify your identity. You can easily verify your identity by uploading your ID card, passport, or bank statement. If you don’t like the above-mentioned payment methods, you should try it.


If you are an advanced freelancer, Stripe is the best PayPal alternative as recommended by a dissertation help company to receive the payments. This payment method doesn’t allow its users to send links to their clients to receive payments. If your client wants to send payments to you via Stripe, he uses to check out the system of this payment method. In its checkout system, he can make payments by using his credit card. If you are selling products and services on your website, you can integrate this payment method on your website. Your clients can easily send payments via this payment method. The best way to integrate this payment method on your website is to use invoice software. This invoice software can be InvoiceNinja. As a result, your clients can easily send payments to you by using invoices. Anyhow, you will have to pay a 9% processing fee on each transaction.


It is also a famous payment method for freelancers. It is also known as the best alternative to PayPal. Due to its popularity, almost all the famous WordPress plugins are using this payment method. You can easily integrate it into your eCommerce website and sell your products and services. After selling your products and services, you can get payments from those countries where Stripe and PayPal are not supported. This payment method is providing lots of payment methods to the users. If you have a Payoneer debit card, you can easily receive your payment from this platform. This payment method supports multiple currencies. It has an impressive support system. It means that you can get support in multiple languages. The charges of this payment method are different in different countries. If you are making transactions in the US, you will have to pay 2.9% as a processing fee. Moreover, it also charges 30 cents on each transaction.


This is the best payment platform for advanced freelancers. Its reason is that it is difficult to use. To use this payment method, first, you will have to create your wallet. After creating your wallet, you will have to find the clients who are familiar with this payment method. If a client is not familiar with this payment method, he can’t send money to you. If you are using this platform, you will have to face risk. Its reason is that its price fluctuates regularly. Anyhow, if you are using a Bitcoin wallet, you can increase the value of the Bitcoins. Most of the experts are considering that Bitcoin will be the future of digital money. Therefore, you should build a Bitcoin wallet today. It will be helpful to you in the future. Bitcoin is also getting enough fame in the freelance industry. Most of the freelance companies are supporting Bitcoin wallets. Therefore, you can use it to receive payments. After receiving payments by this payment method, you can easily withdraw these payments in your local currency.

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