Are Printed Paper Bags Strong?

Attractive and recyclable, printed paper bags are the new trend in the market. Apart from being immensely striking in appeal, they offer many beneficial factors that suit diverse interests. Most significantly, they remind us of our art and craft classes we enjoyed so much in our schools. Also, one may find several youtube DIY tutorials for their making.  But being lovely with their appearance, are they strong & good to use too?

Let’s find out the answer to the posed question by going through the given reasons.

Made from natural fibres

Unlike plastic bags, printed paper bags are today made from a variety of natural fibres like sugarcane fibres, cellulose fibres, straw fibres, coconut husks, jutes and more. Not only these sources allow better quality to generate but also serve higher purposes of benefiting the environment. Also, they are free from any toxic or poisonous gases and involve no hazard.

They offer good quality

Being made from natural products, these fibres provide great durability and strength to the bags and thus can withhold good loads of weight. They are reliable as they can be used for storing or holding an array of materials and products ranging from food, electronics, fashion, medicine, decorative etc. industries. They are clean, easy to carry and simply adorable.

Biodegradable, recyclable or reusable

The paper used for the making of well-designed paper bags permits them to be biodegradable, that is they can be decomposed in the environment through natural means without harming nature. Further, they are easily recycled hence reducing further greenhouse gas emissions and can be reused again and again. They act as the most creative solution agreeing with both the businesses and the consumers and can hold items in it for longer period of time.

Are highly favourable among businesses & consumers

Their strength lies in providing a brand appreciation from their clients & customers for showcasing environmental consciousness. A business can easily promote its brand name via creative printing as well as garner appreciation for paying attention to eco-friendly means in comparison to those using plastic packaging and bags.

Paper bags with lovely prints on them makes them more appealing, highly favoured, interesting and in high demand. It’s time that more and more businesses should come ahead and start to incorporate them in their usage considering their strength, quality & popularity as well as the well-described reasons given above.

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Written by Alina Wilson


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