What are some ways to Remove Duct Tape Residue?

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Duct tape saves plenty of time in fixing the box. This means it sticks to any surface without creating any trouble for the users. However, it is a difficult task to remove the residues of the duct tape from the surface. In the future, it becomes a significant concern related to surface protection. Duct tape has numerous features. These features include accessibility, versatility, and many more. The duct tape is formulated with the compounds of natural rubber to provide long term and stable adhesion. In contrast to removing the duct tape it requires a lot of time, whether you prefer hardwood floor protector or not.

1. Scrap Away

Firstly, try to remove the residues of the duct tape with the sharp object like, knife or any other thing. Make sure that you consider the point of floor protectionHoweveryou can use the putty knife, razor blade, or the butter knife to gently scrape the thick residue. But ensure that you do not scratch the surface.

2. Soak the Surface

With the petroleum-based liquid-like car wax, remove the leftover of the duct tape. What you need to do is apply the Vaseline to the duct tape residue and rub with the cloth. In addition to it, you can also rub the acetone to remove the residue of the duct tape. This method is one of the best for floor protection.

3. Rub with the Cotton Cloth

Rub the cotton cloth on the area to remove the sticky residue. Moreover, you can also use more petroleum-based liquid for removing the residue. Scrub the fabric and try to remove the residues.

4. Clean the Residue

Take the corner of the cloth and dip it into the acetone. After that, rub the clothes on the duct tape residue area. In addition to it, never mix the cleaners. It is better to use one solution for rubbing the liquid. In addition to that, it will take hardly forty minutes.

5. Use the Blow Dryer

Even if you have an option of a blow dryer. The warm air from the blow dryer weakens the bond of tape. Due to it, you can easily remove the residue of the duct tape.

6. Clean with the Soap 

After applying all the methods or steps, now the last step is cleaning the surface with the soap. During cleaning the floor with the soap, the floor can be slippery. In addition to it, prefer the gentle dish soap in water and use the cotton cloth to clean the surface. Moreover, you can also prefer mop.

Wrap up

In the end, follow these methods to remove the leftover of the duct tape. It requires time, but your surface will clean adequately.

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