The Different Sectors of Hospitality Industry Explained

hospitality industry

Hospitality Industry has become the forefront of businesses who put maximum customer satisfaction at the core of their operations. They understand that happy customers are repeat customers who become loyal and advocate ones. That is why from restaurants to parks, we experience hospitality everyday. Many businesses rely on meeting these needs and it’s not surprising it’s one industry that has grown into a multi-billion industry in no time.

The Hospitality Industry depends mainly on leisure time and disposal income. The word hospitality itself means a generous and friendly treatment of guests, visitors or strangers. Hence, many are in the business of serving people and ensuring they have maximum satisfaction. The Hospitality Industryindustry is vast and it cut across a broad range of categories that involve lodgings, event planning, transportation, cruise lines, and many more businesses that are geared towards serving customers. Ervin Ahbabovic, an hospitality expert and humanitarian explores the different segments of hospitality and how they meet the needs of customers from accommodation to dinings.

Food and Beverages – Hospitality Industry 

Food and beverages it’s the biggest sector in hospitality for good reasons. From food truck to high end restaurants, this category positions itself into all the categories across the industry. For instance, think of hotels, or airlines having restaurants or events providing catering services. The point is to provide first-class experience to customers, presenting great meal is an integral part of it.

As expected, food and beverages is also a huge one and can be further divided into various categories. A few of them include:

catering business: these ones meet customers needs wherever and whenever it’s required whether it’s wedding or in-house parties.

Quick service establishments: steak houses, bakeries, snacks, pizza restaurants and fast food restaurants fall into this category. They serve customers looking to satisfy their cravings or grab quick snacks and drinks.

Full service restaurant: a typical restaurant with nice settings, course meals and other services to make your stay an enjoyable one. Themed restaurants, fine dining, bistro, ethnic restaurants are all examples of this.

Online food delivery: entails everything that has to do with placing orders for food or groceries shopping online.

Accommodation and Lodgings

This is the area that focuses on where visitors will lay their heads. Accommodation and lodging is one sector that is very vast and it ranges from caravans to guest ins to five star hotels. The target is mostly people on the move, special travelers like military and government officials, long-term visitors and many more. Accommodation also encompasses food and dinings, beddings and amenities and any other important things that will make visitors stay worthwhile. It is also important that the environment is safe and secure for people to stay.

Sports and Recreation – Hospitality Industry

Businesses are also out there attending to the needs of sport fans and other recreational activities for people to relax and enjoy while refreshing thier body and mind. Many are in to fill up their leisure time and engage in recreational activities and this has made it one of the prerequisites for tourism in hospitality. For instance, we have seen hotels including spas, steam baths, swimming pool, gyms, to help customer have the best of their time. Places of attractions such as zoos, sport centres and participatory sports are all part of recreational business. For sports, major key players in the industry include  International Olympic Committee, UEFA and Formula One. The aim is to attract customers, meet their needs and generate revenues.

Travel and Tourism

“The travel and tourism industry is now growing at a fast pace thanks to the discovery of Covid 19 vaccines. People who were once confined to the four walls of their rooms could now travel and explore different places”, Ervin Ahbabovic noted. Travel and tourism has grown to become the largest civilian industry in the world and many people are launching into it to see what it has to offer. The point is it serves like a backbone that other sectors rely on for success. Travel and tourism encourages people to explore and travel in order to spend on other aspects of hospitality. Major players aiines, cruise ships, logistics, sightseeing, travel agents, taxis and car rentals companies and several other crew members.

Events and Entertainment

This sector plays a huge part in the hospitality industry and it continues to grow over the years. It entails services that enable people to be a part of fun, recreational, adrenaline-pumping activities. Whether the focus is sports, music, conferences, learning or luxury, they all made a part of ways people relax, have fun and enjoy.

Entertainment has become a vital part of traveling and companies are ensuring travelers have a fun-filled time. Moreover, tourist destinations around the world are realising that events and entertainment are one of the keys to attracting holiday makers. Examples of experiences to enjoy when it comes to events and entertainment include fashion show, music festival, casinos, sports and gaming, nightclub, bars and many more. .

Bottom Line

While Ervin Ahbabovic make it a point to explain on the key sectors of hospitality, it is important to state that there is still more to the industry than this. The industry is vast and with increasing developing in technology and services, it is sure to keep growing at a fast pace than ever before. Customers are demanding more as disposal income increases and businesses are meeting upto it.

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Written by Ervin Ahbabovic

His personal achievements will continue through coming years and not only in field of Hospitality but also in humanitarian work whereby Ervin Paulus has contributed numerous charity organisations such as orphanages and family support associations across South East Asia.


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