Shark Tank US | Sharks Are Shocked at 13 Year Old Young Entrepreneur

13 Year Old Young Entrepreneur


Young entrepreneur Sofi Overton is seeking an investment of $30k for a 15% stake in her company of Wise Procket Products.

Sofi Overton a Young entrepreneur is is seeking an investment of $30k for a 15% stake in her company of Wise Procket Products. See how sharks are shocked with 13 years old Business Ethics and efforts she is putting to make Wise Procket Product a big brand.

At 13, it was a very very well presented pitch. The opening dancing was solid, she introduced herself fully, explained the need for her product, the demographic, and even the design, patent pending(!?), and of course numbers. She was polite, firm, and thanked them at the end, including her “dancing crew”. Very solid pitch!

Viewers Reactions About Young Entrepreneur

“She’s waaaay more confident and knowledgeable about business and negotiating at her age than I  am as an older adult lol. Wow. So impressed.”

“You can tell Mark Cuban had a proud, almost “father-like’ moment when she came up with that counter offer.  It was like,  Hell yeah!!”

“So heartwarming, but not in a patronizing way, just a great young lady and given the opportunity, which she has, I’m sure she will go far. Must have SUPER proud parents. You go girl!!”


ROBIN SINANAN said “I am so proud of this young lady.  She definitely has spunk & I was hoping that Damon & Lori to step in.  I even cried when they accepted her counter offer.  Blessings Sophie”

Crystal Mineer

Crystal Mineer said “This has me in tears. I love people like her. She makes me proud of humans!”


“I can’t think of a time when a youngster like her or even younger left without a deal. I think that they have an agreement to support young entrepreneur. Which is really cool. Because success or failure it is a learning experience for them. Notice how Mark passed, but they all know Daymond and his socks, so Mark passed the ball to Draymond who is one of the best to make at pitch at because of his history of backing first-timers of any age. Loring also supports young women no matter how crazy the product might be..”

Vic Rose

This girl is so sick, I wish I had a SHRED of her integrity, tenacity, and bravery to branch out and create her very own company. Good for her, and her counter offer was EXTREMELY good. I was practically yelling at my phone for her to go for 25% instead and I’m so glad that’s the number she picked. A lot of adult investors would be too chicken to change it that much, much less ask for a bit more along it.

THAT … was awesome!  I hope she makes millions and speaks at my kids’ high school!  Sophie, thank you for what you have created but, more importantly, for your strong speech when it mattered to adults.  You are an inspiration.   Congratulations (obviously!) and the best of luck!

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