The “Simplest Product Ever” Pitched In The Shark Tank

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Hannah and Sam are high school sweethearts and saw a problem in the protein powder industry. When it comes to getting your powder into a water bottle it’s pretty impossible to do it without it spilling everywhere. So, they put together an innovative yet simple product to solve that problem – the Bosscoop. With 1000 sold so far, they’re in the Tank asking for 25k for 20% of their business. Will the Sharks have a penchant for protein?

Company Website: international sensation, Shark Tank AUS features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Tank from our Sharks, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.

Dominic Waston

They missed the part about selling it to supplement manufacturers. It could be included in all pre-workout powders and make them millions, it doesn’t have to be sold directly to consumers as a single product and that probably wasn’t the intention.

The company is now worth 77 Billion Dollars in case you’re wondering. Apple bought them out and the product is now called iScoop.

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Written by Anna Smith


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