Easy Way To Make a Window Box as a Jewelry Box

The packaging material like the cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard are highly durable that can use for different purposes. People usually prefer to reuse the boxes to keep the things store and organized. These boxes can be used in several ways. Even these can be turned into beautiful gift boxes. Window box packaging offers compact packing, as well as it can use as a jewelry box. If you have the old packaging box at home, then utilize it to store the ornaments and turn into an attractive jewelry box. Here are some steps that will help to learn about how to transform window boxes packaging into a jewelry box. It is easy and straightforward that you can try it at home using your tools available at home. If you want to make a jewelry box out of window boxes, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

· Collect material

First of all, it is necessary to collect the required equipment. You can use the old cardboard box or the corrugated cardboard to make the excellent cut. The content is durable and stands last for a more extended period. Other than content, collect the accessories like scissor or cutter, ruler, colors, wrapping sheet, adhesive material, and any other decorative items. Get your accessories and equipment sorted first so that it would be easy to make jewelry boxes in a few minutes.

· Do marking and cutting

When you are done with the material collection, then move towards the initial process to start making the box. It initiates from the marking and cutting. First of all, measure the required length, width, and depth and then use a cutter to cut the edges accordingly. You can use the cardboard sheet or a box for that purpose or go with the window packaging. Be sure to mark the size and boundaries accurately according to your accessories.

· Select the covering

When you are done with the size and alignment adjustment, then it is essential to move towards the wrapping and covering. You can choose the wrapping sheets for that purpose or use the fancy fabric. It offers an elegant style and improves the outlook. If you are using the material, then make sure to use the complimented colors that appeal to viewers. Some special inserts are also available in the market for the metal jewelry. So choose the covering accordingly.

· Go with the right inserts

In the jewelry box, it is necessary to keep the advertisements or the inner lining. It helps to enhance the protection and keep the ornaments safe from the damage. You can use the cotton or soft cushions that help to avoid scratches and keep the jewelry safe. As well as you can add the proper partitions or small boxes to keep each item separate from each other. It offers good organization to keep maximum things in an organized form. If you are making big jewelry, then it is better to make partition using fabric or cardboard. So you can hold a lot of your precious jewelry pieces in a box.

· Mark the borders

To make the impressive look, you can do some border outline with colors, fabric, or with some decorative material. Highlight the box handle, lid, or the opening area that makes it attractive and looks good. This marking offers styles of variation in the design and layout. It’s like a canvas, and you are free to design the box as you like.

· Select the decorative items

To improve the overall impression and make the table more beautiful, you can add some decoration over it. Use the bold colors to mark highlights, go with the colorful or elegant fabric choice, apply some pearls, or any other material of your selection that can improve the appeal and give a more attractive jewelry box. Some beads, ribbon, or handmade ribbon flowers can also be used to decorate the table.

Why make jewelry boxes out of the window box?

Making the jewelry box by using the window boxes or the lid boxes is an eco-friendly approach. Due to the environmental threats, manufacturers and brands switch towards the reusable packing solutions. So, having cardboard boxes and other window boxes at home is common. Instead of wasting them, it is good to reuse them for a good reason. It can save you from the high cost, keep things organized, and offer the opportunity to go with creativity. Jewelry box out of the custom window boxes or other reusable material is a source of DIY, as well as it is a fun or entertaining activity that helps to involve yourself in something productive and enjoyable. You can spend quality time in this healthy activity. As well as keep yourself away from the stress and find out the hidden qualities.

Final consideration!

Making a jewelry organization box is simple but can keep things manageable. They offer a durable and quick arrangement of elements. As well as offer the fun and entertainment opportunity that can make a significant difference

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