Who is 6ix9ine BF? Is the Rapper Gay?

6ix9ine BF

6ix9ine is one of the most controversial and colorful figures in the rap industry. The rainbow-haired rapper has been involved in numerous legal issues, beefs, and scandals throughout his career. But what about his personal life? Who is Tekashi 6ix9ine bf (boyfriend)? Is he gay or bisexual?

Who is 6ix9ine BF? – Rising Speculations and Rumours

These questions have been circulating on the internet ever since a photo of 6ix9ine kissing another man on the cheek went viral in May 2023. The photo sparked a lot of speculation and memes about the rapper’s sexuality, but was it real or staged? who is 6ix9ine BF? And who was the mystery man in the photo?

In this article, we will try to tell you all the rumors and facts about 6ix9ine’s boyfriend and sexual orientation. We will also look at 6ix9ine’s past and present relationships with women, and how they have influenced his music and image.

Whether you are a fan or a hater of 6ix9ine, you will find this article interesting and engaging. So, let’s get started!

The Viral Photo That Sparked the Rumors About 6ix9ine BF

The photo that started the rumors about Tekashi 6ix9ine bf was posted on Instagram by Eduin Caz, the lead singer of the Mexican band Grupo Firme. This photo shows 6ix9ine and Eduin smiling and kissing each other on the cheek, with the caption “Y AHORA” (And Now).

The photo was taken during the filming of the music video for the song “Y AHORA”, which features 6ix9ine and Grupo Firme. The song is a fusion of rap and regional Mexican music, and it has over 100 million views on YouTube.

Many fans and internet users were shocked and confused by the controversial photo, and some even thought that 6ix9ine had come out as gay or bisexual. However, the photo was not meant to be taken seriously, as it was just a friendly gesture between the two artists.

Eduin Caz later clarified the situation in an interview with Univision, saying that he and 6ix9ine are not dating, and that the photo was just a joke. He also said that he respects 6ix9ine’s sexuality, whatever it may be, and that he admires his courage and talent.

6ix9ine himself has not commented on the photo or the rumors, but he has not denied or confirmed his sexual orientation either. He has also not revealed the identity of his girlfriend, whom he mentioned in a previous Instagram post.

So, who is 6ix9ine’s boyfriend? The answer is: no one, at least not publicly. The photo with Eduin Caz was just a prank, and 6ix9ine is still keeping his love life private.

6ix9ine’s Past and Present Relationships with Women

Although Tekashi 6ix9ine has not confirmed or denied his sexual orientation, he has been romantically linked with several women in the past and present. The rapper has two daughters, Saraiyah and Briella, from different mothers.

Saraiyah’s mother is Sara Molina, who was 6ix9ine’s longtime girlfriend and childhood sweetheart. The couple had a tumultuous relationship, marked by infidelity, violence, and abuse.

Molina accused 6ix9ine of cheating on her with multiple women, including his former manager’s girlfriend and rapper Chief Keef’s baby mama. She also claimed that 6ix9ine beat her up several times, leaving her with bruises, a broken nose, and a concussion.

Molina broke up with 6ix9ine in 2018, after he was arrested on racketeering and firearms charges. She testified against him in court, saying that he was a “monster” and a “liar”. She also said that he neglected his daughter and did not provide any financial support.

Briella’s mother is Layla, who had a brief fling with 6ix9ine in 2018. She gave birth to Briella in November 2018, while 6ix9ine was in prison.

She claimed that 6ix9ine knew about the pregnancy, but did not care about her or the baby. A DNA test was conducted which confirmed that the father was Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Another woman who was involved with 6ix9ine is Rachel “Jade” Watley, a former bartender and Instagram model. Jade met 6ix9ine in November 2018, just before he was arrested.

She tattooed his face on her chest and visited him in prison. She also posted online about his release and wore his rainbow hair.

Jade was loyal to 6ix9ine, even though he allegedly cheated on her with other women.

She wrote a letter to the judge who sentenced him, asking for leniency and praising his character.

Jade’s Involvement in 6ix9ine’s Legal Troubles and Feuds

In August 2022, Jade was arrested for domestic violence after assaulting 6ix9ine during a heated dispute at a nightclub in Miami. The incident was recorded on video and depicted the couple arguing outside the establishment.

Prior to this, she had described him as “respectful, outgoing, very sweet, kind-hearted, and genuinely generous.”

6ix9ine told the police that Jade hit him inside the club and tried to grab his chain. He also said that he did not want to press charges and that he was trying to bail her out.

Jade was also at the center of a feud between Cardi B and Offset, as Offset allegedly flirted with her on social media. Cardi B confronted Jade at her workplace, and was later charged with assault and harassment.

As of now, 6ix9ine has not revealed the identity of his current girlfriend, whom he mentioned in an Instagram post. He only said that they are “just friends” and that she knows that. It is unclear whether he is still seeing other women, or if he has a boyfriend.

Bottom Line

6ix9ine bf is a mystery that has not been solved yet. The rapper has been involved with many women, but he has not confirmed or denied his sexual orientation. He keeps his love life private, and he knows the truth.

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