Breaking Down Aaron Paul’s Net Worth: How Much is Aaron Paul Worth?

Aaron Paul Net Worth

Netflix watchers immediately recognized the brilliance of Breaking Bad, altering the world as we knew it. The series skyrocketed in popularity and so did its cast members, one of the most prominent being Aaron Paul. As Jesse Pinkman, he left an indelible mark on fans and critics alike, leading people to wonder what his net worth must be. It’s no surprise that he earned a substantial amount – after all, the show was a wild success garnering several prestigious awards such as three Primetime Emmy Awards and three Saturn Awards. And if that wasn’t exciting enough Aaron Paul is set to appear in Black Mirror season 6!

He’s well recognized for his appearances in a number of TV series, such as “Big Love,” “BoJack Horseman,” “Westworld,” and “The Path.” Just a few of the movies he has contributed to are El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie and Need for Speed.

Aaron Paul Net Worth 

Aaron Paul Net Worth 

With an estimated net worth of more than $35 million US dollars as of 2023, Aaron Paul is undoubtedly one of the most successful actors in the industry. He reportedly received a salary of almost $500,000 for each episode of the popular television series Breaking Bad, demonstrating how much his extraordinary ability and labor of love have paid off. It’s safe to say that Aaron Paul is definitely not hurting for cash!

In addition to performing, Aaron has additional sources of income.

Birth & Upbringing

Aaron Paul Sturtevant was born in Emmett, Idaho, on August 27, 1979. Paul is the son of retired Baptist pastor Robert Sturtevant and Darla Sturtevant. Paul started acting in church productions as a young child, and in the eighth grade, he joined the theater program.

Journey to Stardom and Aaron Paul’s Net worth 

Aaron Paul Net Worth

Aaron Paul net worth didn’t come overnight. Aaron Paul was a struggling actor star in the making long before he captivated the hearts of America in Breaking Bad’s devastating finale. He was just another actor struggling to make it, earning minor roles on popular shows like C.S.I., Melrose Place, and Third Rock From The Sun, while also taking part in commercials for everyday products such as cereals and sodas. He could even be found in movies, though usually, his character had a title like “Wasted Guy” in Van Wilder that betrayed the size of his role.

Aaron Paul’s career skyrocketed to fame when he landed a small role on the beloved HBO series Big Love in 2007. From there, his career trajectory only went up. He gained recognition for his incredible performance in Breaking Bad, where he portrayed Jesse Pinkman alongside Bryan Cranston and other actors of note. His talent earned him multiple Emmy nominations, resulting in three wins that truly made his net worth soar. 

The show became a cultural phenomenon, with constant parodies and references across pop culture media. Soon after the show started streaming on Netflix, it gained an even bigger fan base which remained loyal to Paul and his co-star Cranston even after the show ended. All of these events have resulted in an impressive Aaron Paul Net Worth to this day.

But Paul’s relationship with Netflix didn’t end there. He went on to voice the character of Todd Chavez on the animated Netflix original series BoJack Horseman, and also served as executive producer for the show. Aaron Paul has a net worth of over $35 million to show for it, making him one of the most sought-after performers in the business. This is not surprising given his outstanding resume.

After the first season of Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul seemed to be propelled into stardom as he quickly landed major movie roles, one of which included playing the antagonist in the remake of The Last House On The Left – a vivid retelling of Wes Craven’s classic. Despite its lukewarm reception from critics, the movie proved to be moderately successful for a horror movie on its budget. In the years since Breaking Bad ended, Paul has starred in multiple high-concept movies, most notably Need For Speed; though it didn’t flop and was far from a critical success, it was unable to match the remarkable success of its rival franchise – Fast & Furious.

The Launch of Dos Hombres

Paul and Cranston sure know how to have some fun! Using their fame and online savvy, the dynamic duo marketed their own spirit, Dos Hombres, with a prank that made fans think it was a “Breaking Bad reunion” instead of a business venture. And even though they were just pulling a fast one, their spirit has become a massive hit, with bartenders all across North America using it to mix up some delicious cocktails.

We don’t have an exact figure on the net worth of Dos Hombres, but insiders estimate that the brand is worth a whopping eight figures! That just goes to show that when it comes to selling your product, a little touch of comedy can sometimes go a long way. Way to go, Paul and Cranston!

Assets of Aaron Paul 

Aaron Paul has a truly remarkable net worth. The Breaking Bad star lives a rich lifestyle that can only be characterized as wonderful, with a total of seven real estate homes, four beautiful automobiles, and his own private yacht.

The actor’s stock portfolio includes $6 million in businesses including DuPont, PayPal, Cognizant, Intel, and ExxonMobil, while his cash reserves are reported to be approximately $5 million.

All combined, Aaron Paul’s net worth towers over many others in Hollywood as one of its most successful players.

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