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Brent Rivera

Many ardent YouTube users, who love to surf YouTube entertainment channels, may have heard of Brent Rivera. Rivera is a household name in the YouTube entertainment circle. Several YouTube users have subscribed to his channel to enjoy the entertainment Rivera has to offer. For those who don’t know him, Rivera’s YouTube channel is all about telling stories with videos, posting challenges, pranks, and interviews. It is a channel that delivers humorous content daily. What’s more, Rivera is famous for being handsome, and his fans are curious about Brent Rivera’s net worth.

Age and Birthplace

He was born in California, US, and his date of birth is January 9, 1998. Brent has three siblings, two brothers, and one sister. Brent has always wanted to be a celebrity. In fact, at 10 years old, he started his acting career.

When Did Brent Become Popular?

Brent shot into the limelight after he created an account on Vine. His Vine account garnered millions of followers. This in turn helped him gain more followers on his YouTube account. Currently, Brent’s YouTube channel also has millions of followers, and the number keeps on increasing.

How Popular Is His YouTube Channel?

Brent started his YouTube channel more than five years ago and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. As a rookie YouTuber then, Brent tried his best to give subscribers good video content. Years later, Brent is now a professional in making video content and the quality of his videos has improved.

What Is His YouTube Channel About?

Brent mostly uploads videos about challenges, pranks, and funny things. Furthermore, Brent belongs to the category of YouTubers that involve their relatives and friends. In addition, one of his sisters often accompanies him on his shows.

Does Brent Have Other Social Media Platforms?


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Brent not only has his own channel. He also collaborates on another YouTube channel. Apart from that, he is active on TikTok and Instagram and quite popular on both platforms.


Rumors have circulated about Brent being in a romantic relationship with Eva Gutowski who is also a YouTube celebrity. Gutowski is a successful YouTuber herself, with an estimated 10 million subscribers. Brent has featured Eva so many times in his videos, and people noticed their closeness. Brent and Eva’s fans have noted their easy camaraderie and speculated that they are in a relationship. The speculations escalated to the extent that both parties had to clear the air.

Debunking The Relationship Rumors

Relationship Rumors

Brent Rivera uploaded two separate videos to explain his and Eva’s relationship. In video number 1, both YouTubers revealed that they were attracted when they first saw each other. However, they didn’t kiss or had any intimate encounters. Gutowski even had a boyfriend at that time, although they broke up soon after.

In video number two, Rivera confirmed that he and Eva had a brief relationship with each other, which didn’t work out. So they broke up and went back to being friends. Their friendship is stronger than ever, and both have evolved to be best friends.

Fans Reactions

Gutowski and Rivera’s fans do not believe their explanatory videos that alluded to their friendship. Some even insisted that Gutowski and Brent Rivera are still dating. But they can’t verify this unless Gutowski and Rivera confirm this. Hence, they decided to leave them be.

Acting Journey

At ten years, Brent played in a movie titled Alexander IRL as Alexander. He was ecstatic to land the role, as he has always wanted to act. Brent portrayed his character as Alexander very well. Alexander was a high school boy who organized a party just to blend in with the cool students. The movie is about the struggle of young students to fit in with the ‘it’ crowd. It also focused on kids’ addiction to social media and their mobile devices. Indeed, the movie was a great one, full of lessons.

Why Brent Was Chosen For The Role

Producers of Alexander IRL selected Brent to play Alexander because his age was appropriate for the role. Since the target audience for the movie were kids, Brent was the right fit for the role. In the producers’ words, Brent perfectly portrayed a high school kid character. He brought to life the character Alexander and captivated the audience. They were sure that Brent would become a celebrity in the future with his talent, a prediction that came through.

Brent’s Reaction

Brent loved acting in the movie, Alexander, and was grateful for the experience. But he found the filmmaking process to be different from what his ten-year-old self anticipated. The filming process took a long time to complete and he needed to adjust to the new changes.

Rivera’s Collaboration With Hollister

Hollister and Brent Rivera collaborated in 2016 to bring awareness to bullying. Hollister is a non-governmental organization that is against bullying. They have organized many anti-bullying campaigns and partnered up with celebrities like Brent Rivera. Rivera joined the group due to his experience as a victim of online bullying.

In an interview, Brent Rivera said that Hollister gave him the chance to sensitize people about the dangers of bullying. He stated that he doesn’t condone any form of bullying, either online or offline. This is true, as Rivera has discussed topics related to bullying on his YouTube channel.


Finally, even though fans are curious to know Brent Rivera’s net worth, they’re more glad to see him partner with Hollister. To them, bullying is a topic that needs wider coverage, especially bullying in the entertainment cycle and cyberbullying.

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