The Life of Political And Media Personality, Alyssa Farah Griffin

Alyssa Farah Griffin

Political strategist Alyssa Farah Griffin is a politics and media guru. The 1989 American-born celebrity once worked at the White House under the Donald Trump administration. Her position then as a leader in the communications department earned her a reputation in the political circle. Here are a few things to know about Griffin.

Griffin’s Presidential Appointment

Her appointment came in 2020, and she was given a Director position at the White House. Her post garnered much attention off and on the internet. Before then, she had previously been a media president to the former Vice President of America. She also had a special assistant post for Trump for two years before she was promoted.

She made history when she got appointed as she was the youngest person to get such a presidential post. In addition, Alyssa Farah Griffin served in the Defense and Public Affairs departments.

Alyssa’s Childhood

Alyssa’s mom, Judy, is a journalist who has written many articles for several reputable media houses. Her father, Joseph, is from Syria and Lebanon. He also works as a journalist in Los Angeles for the executive news editing department. Then he moved to another State and established a news website. Alyssa’s parents never hide that they support the right-wing side of politics, and she was also raised that way.

Educational History

Alyssa’s high school and university education were completed in America. As a student, she was sport-inclined and actively participated in school activities. Alyssa Farah Griffin captained her school team and has a black belt in karate. She then proceeded to study Journalism and Public Policy in America, and she graduated successfully.

Professional Career

Alyssa Farah Griffin Professional Career

Internship Period

Alyssa started her career as an intern in the media department for a politician. Then she worked in the production department for 24 months. Afterward, she got a special correspondent job at WND. Griffin’s involvement in politics was evident when she represented a group at an election campaign. She traveled around the U.S. to sensitize people about the importance of youth voting during the election. A few years later, she got promoted to a secretary, then a Director position.

Her Career as a Journalist

Alyssa hosts a talk show with another person, and she often makes political comments on CNN. In 2021, Alyssa with two others worked for a digital news channel.

Notable people, Alyssa has served under

Alyssa has served under the likes of Trump, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, and Mike Pence. She worked under Jordan at the House of Reps and was an assistant to Pence. Her position then allowed her to travel internationally and domestically numerous times as a foreign delegate.

Her service under the Trump administration

Her work experience in the U.S. department started in 2019. She filled the role almost 24 months after the former Press Secretary left the job. Simultaneously, she got the role of Director in another department, where she was chosen as the main spokeswoman. Some months after that, a member of Trump’s cabinet suggested that Alyssa should directly work for the White House.

Did Alyssa agree to the job offer?

Alyssa agreed and took up her responsibilities as a Director in the communications department. A few months later, she proved that she is an excellent worker who takes her job seriously. This is why a major media house noted Alyssa’s role in Trump’s COVID-19 response saga. However, Alyssa didn’t stay long in her position because she resigned.

Why did Alyssa resign from working under Trump?

Alyssa resigned in 2020 to establish her own firm where she consults people on defense, political, and corporate affairs. Her superior(s) approved her resignation, and she left her job a day after she submitted the letter. An anonymous person said that it was within her plans to resign before the next election.

Before she left her job, some criminals impersonated Alyssa to scam people. It was believed to be a plot to use her to deal with some Congress members. In response to the incident, legal authorities, especially the FBI, took up the case to investigate the matter.

What Happened after her resignation?

A month after she resigned, Alyssa disapproved of the way a Senator was harassed by Trump supporters. She publicly voiced her displeasure over what the attackers did. Later, she told Trump to leave his post as the U.S. President because he incited the attack. That is, some of Trump’s actions prompted his supporters to become fanatics.

Furthermore, Alyssa said it is preferable to censure Trump rather than impeach him. According to her, she was open to censure if the country failed to impeach the ex-president. In an interview, Alyssa suggested that America should move on from the Trump incident.


Just like any other person, Alyssa fell in love with the grandson of Sam Tamposi. The grandson is named Justin Griffin, and he has a business degree from an American university. Justin proposed to Alyssa in 2020. And in 2021, the pair tied the knot without her father, and stepmother in attendance. They didn’t attend because she didn’t support Trump.


In summary, Alyssa Farah Griffin is an exceptional woman that has proved her worth in the political and media fields. She is someone whose accumulated years of experience have given her some authority among her peers. Lastly, Alyssa is an astute woman who decided to follow her dreams by creating her own company.

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