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In the dynamic realm where reality television and the music industry intersect, rapper Chrisean Rock emerges not just as a personality but as a multifaceted artist navigating a turbulent journey through fame and personal challenges. As the girlfriend of American Rapper Blueface, her life unfolds on the public stage, with both triumphs and tribulations captivating audiences worldwide.

Who is Chrisean Rock aka Chrisean Malone?

Chrisean Rock aka Chrisean Malone, born in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 14th, 2000, faced a tumultuous childhood marked by familial challenges. Raised in a large family with 11 siblings, she encountered adversity early on, exacerbated by her father’s intermittent presence due to incarceration. Her mother, grappling with addiction, struggled to provide stability, resulting in Rock experiencing homelessness from the tender age of 9 until she turned 18.

who is chrisean rock aka chrisean malone and what is her age
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Despite these hardships, Rock found solace and support in unexpected places. Coaches, friends, and her school community played pivotal roles in steering her away from the pitfalls of homelessness. Her prowess in track and field not only showcased her natural athleticism but also opened doors to opportunities that would eventually lead her to collegiate athletics.


Real Name: Chrisean Malone

Alias Name: Seany, Chrisean Rock

Date of Birth: Mar. 14, 2000

Age: 23

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Boyfriend:  American Rapper Blueface

Career and Profession: Rapper

Net Worth:  Approx. $2 Million

Triumphs in Athletics and Academia

Rock’s athletic journey saw her excel in track and field, culminating in her participation in the Junior Olympics. The discipline instilled by her involvement in sports provided a foundation that propelled her to attend Santa Monica College in California as a student-athlete. Her exceptional track performances earned her recognition as one of the top runners in her conference.

From Track to YouTube: Chrisean Rock Diverse Journey

chrisean malone and girlfriend blueface
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Beyond the track, Chrisean Rock’s ambitions extended into the digital realm. In 2018, she launched her YouTube channel, a platform that has since garnered an impressive 378K subscribers and 40.5 million views. Her content spans a spectrum of topics, showcasing the diversity of her interests and talents.

Notably, Rock’s foray into reality television reached new heights when she emerged victorious on the FOX TV show, “Ultimate Tag,” demonstrating her prowess in athleticism, acrobatics, and speed.

Blue Girls Club: A Reality Show With a Twist

The narrative of Chrisean Rock’s life takes a dramatic turn with her participation in rapper Blueface’s reality competition show, “Blue Girls Club.” A deviation from conventional reality TV, this show invited women to compete for Blueface’s affection in his mansion.

Rock’s journey on the show was marked by intense altercations, notably the incident where she lost her front tooth in a clash with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend. This pivotal moment not only secured her victory in the competition but also set the stage for a complex and tumultuous relationship.

Chrisean Rock Boyfriend: American Rapper Blueface

chrisean rock and blueface with their son
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Chrisean Rock’s relationship with American Rapper Blueface has been a rollercoaster, garnering attention for both its highs and lows. From heated arguments to physical altercations, their love story unfolds in the public eye.

The incident between Rock’s father and Blueface, captured during the filming of their reality show, “Crazy In Love,” exemplifies the complexities of their relationship. Instead of distancing herself from the turmoil, Rock publicly defended Blueface, revealing a fractured family dynamic.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface were a couple from 2020 until they broke up in 2023. In January 2023, Malone shared with everyone that she was going to have a baby with Blueface. On September 3, 2023, they welcomed their son. It’s the first child for Chrisean Malone and the third for Blueface, and her son is named as Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr. by her.

Musical Odyssey: From “Lonely” to “Lit”

Amidst the chaos of her personal life, Chrisean Rock has carved a path in the music industry. Signed to Blueface’s record label, her musical journey began with the debut single “Lonely” in 2020, marking the inception of a promising career.

Subsequent releases, including “Word To My Brother,” “Vibe,” and “Rainy Days,” showcased her evolving artistry. Her latest release, “Lit,” in early 2023, reflects a continued commitment to her craft, as evidenced by her 32,033 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Chrisean Rock Deletes Social Media Amid Alleged Assault

The recent incident involving Chrisean Rock and James Wright Chanel has stirred social media, eliciting widespread discussion and reactions. The altercation, detailed in the article on The Pink News, highlights the complexities surrounding the relationship between the reality star and the renowned YouTube personality.

The social media sphere is abuzz with opinions and speculations. As users grapple with the details and implications of the reported assault. This Adds a new chapter to the ongoing public narrative surrounding Chrisean Rock’s life.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth

chrisean malone aka chrisean rock net worth
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Chrisean Rock has worked really hard and her talent has earned her a net worth of about $2 million in 2023! A big reason for her money success is teaming up with Blueface’s label. This partnership not only made her richer but also helped her career a lot!


Chrisean Rock’s narrative is one of resilience, ambition, and the complex interplay between fame and personal struggles. From overcoming homelessness to triumphs in athletics and the challenges of reality TV, her journey is a testament to the multifaceted nature of modern fame. As she navigates the highs and lows of her public persona, rapper Chrisean Rock remains an enigmatic figure, captivating audiences with her indomitable spirit and evolving artistic expression.


Q1. Who is Chrisean Rock aka Chrisean Malone?

Chrisean Rock, also known as Chrisean Malone, is a famous rapper and girlfriend of American Rapper Blueface.

Q2. When is Chrisean Rock’s birthday?

Chrisean Rock’s birthday is on March 14th, 2000.

Q3. What is Chrisean Rock’s age?

As of now, considering the current date, Chrisean Rock is approximately 23 years old.

Q4. How old is Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock is approximately 23 years old, born on March 14th, 2000.

Q5. Who is Chrisean Rock Boyfriend?

Chrisean Rock boyfriend is Blueface, a famous American Rapper.

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