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Curious about who Kari Lake’s husband is? Meet Jeff Halperin, the man who’s more than just a partner to a political figure. We’ll tell you about his life, what he likes to do, and how he supports Kari Lake. It’s a simple story about two people and their life together. So, let’s go.

Birth, Parents, and Education

Jeff Halperin’s life began in 1965 when he was born in the vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona. While the identities of his parents remain out of the public eye, it’s clear that they played a significant role in shaping his early years. 

Jeff’s educational journey took him through the halls of his local high school before leading him to Creighton University. 

It was there, in 1994, that he completed his academic pursuits, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and History. This foundation set the stage for the various personal and professional achievements that would follow in his life.

Jeff Halperin Career

Jeff Halperin is a man of many talents, especially when it comes to making videos. His professional journey began as a news editor and journalist, working closely with his wife, Kari Lake, at a local TV station in Phoenix, Arizona. 

He honed his skills as a videographer for Phoenix’s NBC subsidiary, KPNX-TV, where Kari served as a weekend anchor.

Jeff Halperin has always been great at telling stories through pictures. He worked as a photojournalist, which means he took photos for the news. He did this for some big TV channels like NBC and WNYT-TV in New York. 

After taking lots of photos and getting really good at it, Jeff decided to start his own company in Phoenix called ZenHD, where he makes all kinds of videos.

Today, Jeff Halperin is recognized not only as Kari Lake’s husband but also as a skilled independent videographer. He manages the Team Lake Vimeo page, where he showcases his multifaceted role as Director of Photography, cameraman, and more.

Love Story of Kari Lake and Jeff Halperin

Kari Lake and Jeff Halperin have a love story that’s straight out of a TV show, which is fitting since they both worked in television! 

They met while working at the same TV station in Phoenix, Arizona. Following a period of dating, they made the decision to marry on September 26, 1998. As a couple, they have established a fulfilling life centered on love and their family. 

On March 30, 2003, they joyfully welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ruby. A few years later, their family grew a little more with the arrival of their son, Leo, born on October 10, 2008. 

Through the ups and downs of life, Kari and Jeff have stuck together, supporting each other in their careers and as parents to their two kids.

Kari Lake: From TV Screen to Politics

Kari Lake has had quite the journey! Born on August 23, 1969, in Rock Island, Illinois, she grew up in a big family as the youngest of nine kids. Her dad was a teacher and coach, and her mom was a nurse, so helping others was a big part of her life from the start. 

Kari attended North Scott Senior High School in Iowa before earning a degree in communications and journalism from the University of Iowa in 1991.

She started her career in the news world as an intern and worked her way up to being a reporter and weekend weathercaster. In 1994, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to be a weekend weather anchor and later became a well-known evening news anchor.

Kari was on TV for 27 years, becoming a familiar face to many as she covered all sorts of stories.

But then, she decided to switch things up and stepped into politics. In 2022, she campaigned for the position of Governor in Arizona with significant backing but was ultimately unsuccessful. 

Currently, she is pursuing a seat in the United States Senate for the 2024 election.

Kari is all about secure borders, good education, and keeping Arizona’s unique spirit alive. She’s become a big voice for many people who share her views. That’s Kari Lake for you – from TV screens to the political scene!

Kari Lake Social Media Presence


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Kari Lake has a strong presence on social media, where she connects with her audience and shares her views. She’s active on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As of now, she has about 1.8 million followers on Twitter, 782,000 on Instagram, and 296,000 on Facebook.

Jeff Halperin, on the other hand, prefers to keep a low profile online. He doesn’t post much on social media himself, but you can often find mentions and appearances of him on Kari Lake’s social media accounts. 

She frequently shares their family moments and expresses gratitude for his support.

Jeff Halperin Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Jeff Halperin is approximately $1 million, which is a result of his accomplishments as a videographer and owner of ZenHD, a video production company

It should be noted that net worth estimates may differ and should only be considered as a general representation of an individual’s financial situation.

Bottom Line

Jeff Halperin and Kari Lake’s story is a tale of partnership, both in life and in their careers. From the newsroom to family life, and now onto the political stage, they’ve shown that supporting each other is key to their shared success.

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