Maria Gjieli – An American Model Journey to Stardom

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In the ever-evolving realm of Instagram stardom and modeling, one name shines brightly — Maria Gjieli. An American model, Instagram sensation, and social media celebrity, Maria has sculpted her path to fame through a combination of captivating visuals and a unique journey. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Maria’s life, from her early days to her current status as a prominent figure in the world of modeling and social media influence.

Maria Gjieli Wiki/ Biography

Who Is Maria Gjieli?

Maria’s journey commenced in the bustling streets of New York City, where she grew up alongside her parents and siblings. Graduating from a prestigious university in New York, Maria initially pursued a conventional path. However, the allure of modeling captivated her during her college days, steering her towards an extraordinary career.

Maria’s initial foray into the limelight began on Instagram. The platform witnessed the birth of her modeling career, marked by the upload of mesmerizing photos that quickly garnered attention. Her commitment to this newfound passion led to a surge in followers, propelling her into the realm of social media stardom.

Maria Gjieli Age, Height, and Weight

Born on August 10, 1997, she is 26 years old (as of 2024). Maria stands at a graceful height of 5′ 6″ and weighs approximately 59 kg. Her physical attributes, coupled with her modeling prowess, contribute to her magnetic presence in the industry.

Maria Gjieli Early Journey

Modeling Career

Maria’s early career unfolded in entertainment studios, where she honed her modeling skills. The collaboration with multiple modeling agencies broadened her repertoire, showcasing her versatility in various modeling poses.

Transition to Mainstream Modeling

Despite the unconventional start, Maria’s journey seamlessly transitioned into mainstream modeling and films. Her photoshoots for famous magazines fueled her aspirations to establish a foothold in the entertainment industry.

Maria Gjieli YouTube and Vlogging

In addition to conquering Instagram, Maria embarked on a YouTube journey. Her channel, created in 2007, boasts thousands of subscribers. Although currently inactive, Maria’s content spans fashion and lifestyle videos, showcasing another facet of her multifaceted personality.

Maria Gjieli Parents and Siblings

While information about Maria’s parents and siblings remains elusive, our team is committed to providing updates as soon as credible information surfaces.

Maria Gjieli Modeling and Instagram

Instagram: The Catalyst of Fame

Maria’s Instagram journey, initiated in June 2012, serves as a visual chronicle of her fashion, daily life, exclusive photos, and modeling endeavors. Her digital presence extends beyond Instagram, encompassing different social media sites, where she engages with a global audience.

Brand Collaborations and Achievements

Rising as a digital face, Maria has become a promoter for various swimwear and lingerie brands. With endorsements from multiple brands, she has solidified her status as a sought-after model in multiple genres.

Maria Gjieli Boyfriend/ Husband

Maria has maintained privacy regarding her relationships, leaving her boyfriend’s details shrouded in mystery.

Social Media

Maria Gjieli Instagram

She boasts a substantial presence on Instagram, captivating a fan base of 12.2K followers. Maria Gjieli Instagram profile is a visual delight and showcases a blend of fashion, daily life, and exclusive modeling content.

Maria Gjieli Twitter

On the Twitter front, Maria engages with her audience through the handle @mariagjielixo, where she has garnered 562 followers. Her tweets offer glimpses into her personality and insights into her professional journey.

Maria Gjieli OnlyFans

In the realm of exclusive content, Maria’s OnlyFans account, @Maria_Gjieli, stands as a treasure trove with 421 photos, 695 videos, and an impressive 219.1K likes. This platform provides a closer connection with her fans, showcasing a diverse array of content beyond the mainstream.

Facts about Maria Gjieli

  • Hailing from New York City, Maria holds New Zealand dear as her favorite holiday destination.
  • A connoisseur of arts, Maria expresses her love through painting and singing.
  • Brown is her preferred color, resonating with her aesthetic choices.
  • An animal lover at heart, Maria shares her abode with pet dogs and cats.
  • Her culinary preferences extend to Italian and Mexican cuisines.
  • A musical spirit, Maria enjoys playing the guitar and piano.

Sharing The Limelight

Gemstar, a renowned model and social media celebrity, shares the limelight with Maria in the world of glamour and influence.

Maria Gjieli Net Worth and Source of Incomes

As of 2024, Maria Gjieli net worth ranges between 1-3 million USD. Web series, modeling, commercials, brand promotions, advertisements, and diverse business ventures contribute significantly to her financial success.


Maria Gjieli’s journey is a testament to resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of modeling and social media. With a magnetic presence on Instagram, collaborations with renowned brands, and a multifaceted approach to content creation, Maria stands as a formidable force in the industry.

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