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mary marquardt harrison ford first wife
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When you think of Harrison Ford, what usually comes to mind are iconic characters like Indiana Jones or Han Solo. But before he became the superstar we all know and love, he had a life filled with interesting twists and turns, especially in the romance department. One significant chapter in his life revolves around his first wife, Mary Marquardt. In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the life of Mary Marquardt, exploring their relationship, her background, and what she’s been up to since her time as Harrison Ford’s better half.

So, grab your fedora, hop into the Millennium Falcon, and let’s embark on an adventurous journey to uncover everything you need to know about Harrison Ford’s first wife, Mary Marquardt!

The Early Life of Mary Marquardt

Before Mary Marquardt became the first Mrs. Harrison Ford, she had her own story to tell. Mary was born in 1945, in the United States. She grew up in a time when the world was undergoing significant social changes. The 1960s were a period of profound transformation in America, marked by the civil rights movement and the counterculture revolution. Mary’s early life was influenced by these societal shifts. She was destined for a life that would intertwine with the glittering world of entertainment.

  1. The 60s and Counterculture: Mary Marquardt came of age during the 1960s, a time when young people were challenging traditional norms. This era saw the rise of the counterculture movement, with its emphasis on freedom, peace, and love.
  2. Educational Pursuits: Mary was known for her intelligence and academic pursuits. She was enrolled in Ripon College, a liberal arts college in Ripon, Wisconsin, where she focused on her studies.

Love in the Air: Mary Marquardt Harrison Ford Relationship

Mary Marquardt’s life took a thrilling turn when she crossed paths with a young, aspiring actor named Harrison Ford. Their love story is a blend of Hollywood romance and everyday struggles.

  1. The First Meeting: Mary and Harrison first met in 1964 in the college. Their initial meeting was nothing short of serendipitous and set the stage for a budding romance.
  2. Romantic Escapades: The couple fell head over heels for each other. They began dating and, over time, developed deep romantic feelings for one another.
  3. The Wedding Bells: On June 18, 1964, Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford exchanged vows and began their journey as a married couple. It was a small and intimate ceremony that marked the start of something extraordinary.

Family Life with Harrison Ford

Mary Marquardt’s marriage to Harrison Ford wasn’t just about red carpets and Hollywood glitz. They led a life that was both down-to-earth and heartwarming.

  1. Parenting Journey: Mary and Harrison welcomed two sons during their marriage, Benjamin Ford (1966) and Willard Ford (1969). Parenthood brought a new dimension to their relationship, as they navigated the challenges and joys of raising a family.
  2. Supporting Harrison’s Acting Career: Harrison Ford’s acting career was on the rise, and Mary was right by his side, providing support and encouragement. She stood by him through the early years of auditions and rejections, a testament to their strong bond.

Harrison Ford Mary Marquardt Divorce

Despite the love that Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford shared, their journey together faced its share of challenges. In Hollywood, where temptations abound, staying together can be a tough nut to crack.

  1. Growing Apart: As Harrison Ford’s career skyrocketed, he became a sought-after leading man. The demands of the industry often meant spending long periods apart from Mary Marquardt, and it took a toll on their relationship.
  2. Hollywood Temptations: The glitzy world of Hollywood introduced Harrison Ford to a multitude of people, including co-stars like Carrie Fisher. Rumors of affairs and flirtations swirled around, causing strains in their marriage.
  3. The Parting of Ways: In 1979, Mary and Harrison decided to part ways. Their divorce marked the end of an era, a chapter in their lives where they had grown from young lovebirds to an established family.

Life After Harrison Ford

Mary Marquardt’s story doesn’t end with her divorce from Harrison Ford. She carved her own career path and led a life filled with accomplishments and happiness. After the divorce, Mary focused on her Chef career and personal growth. She continued to make strides in her cooking career and professional life, demonstrating her resilience and determination.

What Happened To Mary Marquardt?

Mary Marquardt is currently facing a severe and potentially life-threatening health condition. Is it Multiple Sclerosis that she’s contending with? In the early 2000s, Mary received a diagnosis of this life-threatening ailment, significantly impacting her well-being and necessitating a pause in her professional life.

Now retired from her career as a chef, she resides with her eldest son, Benjamin, who has taken on the role of her caregiver. Additionally, Benjamin is actively engaged in advocating for increased awareness of his mother’s condition to help shed light on this disease.

FAQs About Mary Marquardt

Before we wrap up, let’s address some of the frequently asked questions about Mary Marquardt:

  1. Is Mary Marquardt still alive? Yes, as of now Mary Marquardt is still alive, and there have been no recent reports of her passing or Mary Marquardt obituary.
  2. Did Mary Marquardt remarry after her divorce from Harrison Ford? No, she did not remarry after her divorce from Hollywood movie legend actor Harrison Ford.
  3. What is Mary Marquardt’s profession or career?  Mary led a successful career as both an illustrator and a professional chef. It has not only been a personal triumph but has also inspired her son to pursue a similar path
  4. How many children did Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford have together? Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford had two children together, Benjamin Ford and Willard Ford.
  5. How old is Mary Marquardt? Mary, born in 1945, has reached the age of 78 in the year 2023.


Mary Marquardt’s role in Harrison Ford’s life is an important chapter in the actor’s personal history. Their love story, though filled with challenges, reflects the complexities of relationships in the ever-demanding world of Hollywood. Mary’s journey post-divorce is a testament to her strength and resilience, proving that there is life and love beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

So, as we close the book on our exploration of Mary Marquardt Harrison Ford’s First Wife, let’s remember that her story is not just about being someone’s wife. It’s a tale of personal growth, love, and the pursuit of happiness, even when the spotlight fades. Mary Marquardt’s life, like all of ours, is a unique and remarkable journey that continues to unfold with each passing day.

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