Oliver McLanahan Phillips – Meet Julie Bowen’s Talented Son

Oliver McLanahan Phillips
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Have you ever wondered about the talented individuals behind the scenes in Hollywood? Meet Oliver McLanahan Phillips, the son of actress Julie Bowen. In this article, we’ll explore everything about him, starting from his birth, to his education, interests and the films he has starred in. 

Birth, Parents, and Education

Oliver McLanahan Phillips was born in Los Angeles, California on April 10, 2007. He had a weight of 6 pounds and 15 ounces and a length of 19 inches at birth. 

His mother, Julie Bowen, is a well-known Hollywood actress, and his father, Scott Phillips, is a real estate investor and software developer.

Interestingly, Oliver’s birth story has a Hollywood twist. Six months after his birth, Julie Bowen revealed that she was pregnant with him while filming the series “Boston Legal.” 

During a scene where she pretended to be in labor, her water unexpectedly broke, leading to Oliver’s arrival. Fortunately, he was born healthy, despite the initial fear of premature birth.

Julie Bowen - mother of Oliver McLanahan Phillips
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Julie Bowen is a highly skilled actress, recognized for her roles in popular television series such as “Modern Family” and “Boston Legal.” 

Her performances have garnered widespread praise from critics and she has achieved widespread recognition in the entertainment industry.

Oliver’s father, Scott Phillips, is a prosperous real estate investor and software developer. At the time of Oliver’s birth, his parents, Scott Phillips and Julie Bowen, were married but later divorced. 

Information regarding Oliver’s education is not easily accessible. However, considering his upbringing in a celebrity family, it can be assumed that he is receiving education from a reputable institution in his hometown.


Oliver McLanahan Phillips has two younger twin brothers, John and Gustav Phillips, both born on May 8, 2009. John is known for his part in their tight-knit family bond, while Gustav shares a close relationship with both Oliver and John.

Parents: Julie Bowen & Scott Phillips

Julie Bowen, the  talented actress known for her role in “Modern Family,” and Scott Phillips, a real estate investor, fell in love and got married in September 2004.

They spent 13 happy years together, experiencing both joyful moments and challenges. 

However, Julie filed for divorce in February 2018, and they officially separated on December 17, 2017. Their divorce was finalized on September 13, 2018, in Los Angeles. 

In the settlement, Julie received over $13 million and kept a $3.1 million L.A. house she bought after their split, while Scott received $12.3 million and retained their $5.4 million marital home. 

Despite their divorce, Julie and Scott continue to co-parent their children, maintaining a relationship focused on their well-being.

Since their separation, there is no information suggesting that they have remarried or entered into other relationships. 


Oliver McLanahan Phillips, who is the son of actress Julie Bowen, has established a successful career in the entertainment industry. 

He has been recognized for his roles in prominent works including “Nvr Felt This” and “Toxic (Acoustic Version) – Official LIVE Video,” both of which were released in 2023.

Social Media Presence


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While Oliver’s social media presence isn’t widely publicized, he has made occasional appearances in the media.Julie Bown has an official Instagram account with 2 million followers. You can follow her at @itsjuliebowen. She also has a Facebook profile @Julie Bowen that has 151k followers.

Baby2Baby: Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen, the Emmy-winning actor, has been actively involved with Baby2Baby, supporting their mission to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families.

Baby2Baby is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that provides critical items to children from low-income households across the United States. 

Founded in 2011, Baby2Baby focuses on supplying essentials such as diapers, wipes, clothing, and other necessities. 

Since its inception, the charity has distributed over 200 million items to children in need, making a significant impact on their well-being. 

Oliver McLanahan Phillips Net Worth

Currently, the exact net worth of Oliver McLanahan Phillips is not disclosed to the public. However, it should be noted that his mother, Julie Bowen, a well-known actress, has an estimated net worth of approximately $18 million.

Bottom Line

Oliver McLanahan Phillips, son of actress Julie Bowen, is making waves in Hollywood. His journey, family ties, and early accomplishments hint at a promising future.

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