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Sky Bri is a content creator and model who has over 10 million followers on Instagram and TikTok. She is known for her bold and sexy photos and videos, as well as her controversial tattoos that say “Sky Bri Boyfriend” and “Adin Ross” on her body. But who are these men, and what is the status of her love life?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Sky Bri’s boyfriend, or rather, boyfriends. We will reveal the truth behind her relationship with Jake Paul, the famous boxer and YouTuber who inspired her first tattoo.

We will also explore her connection with Adin Ross, the popular streamer and e-dater who made her get another tattoo of his name. And we will also discuss the rumors and controversies that surround her love life, and how she handles them.

If you are curious about Sky Bri boyfriend and want to know more about her personal and professional life, then keep reading. You will be amazed by what you will discover.

Sky Bri Boyfriend – Jake Paul – Are They Still Together?

Sky Bri and Jake Paul first met in July 2022, when she was invited to his house for a party. She was already a fan of Jake, and she wanted to impress him. So, she decided to do something crazy and get a tattoo of his name on her chest.

She went to a tattoo shop with Jake and his friends, and asked for a tattoo that said “Jake Paul”. However, the tattoo artist misunderstood her and wrote “Sky Bri Boyfriend” instead. Sky Bri was shocked and angry, but Jake found it hilarious and posted a video of the tattoo on his Instagram story.

Mistaken Love – Sky Bri Viral Tattoo Controversy

Sky Bri’s tattoo video went viral, and Sky Bri became an internet sensation overnight. Many people thought that she was Jake’s girlfriend and that the tattoo was a sign of their love. However, Sky Bri denied that she was dating Jake, and said that the tattoo was a mistake.

She also said that she regretted getting the tattoo and that she wanted to remove it as soon as possible. Eventually, she had a change of heart and opted to retain the tattoo, as it held significance to her personal brand and identity. She went as far as trademarking the phrase “Sky Bri Boyfriend” and began selling branded merchandise featuring it.

Sky Bri also used the tattoo as a way to attract more attention and followers to her social media platforms, especially her OnlyFans account. She often teased her fans with the tattoo and asked them to guess who her boyfriend was. She also collaborated with other streamers and celebrities and made them react to her tattoo.

One of the streamers that she worked with was Jake Paul himself, who invited her to Puerto Rico in March 2023. Sky Bri joined Jake and his team for a week, and they had a lot of fun together. They also shared some intimate moments and posted pictures and videos of them kissing and cuddling on their social media accounts.

This sparked a lot of rumors and speculation that Sky Bri and Jake Paul were back together, and that they were in a serious relationship. However, Sky Bri and Jake Paul never confirmed nor denied their relationship status, and kept their fans guessing. Some sources claimed that they were just friends with benefits and that they had an open relationship.

Love Triangle – Jake Paul, Sky Bri, Julia Ross

However, things took a turn in June 2023, when Jake Paul announced that he was engaged to Julia Rose, his ex-girlfriend and the founder of Shagmag. Jake Paul proposed to Julia Rose on his birthday, and she said yes. They also showed off their engagement ring and their love on their social media accounts.

This shocked and confused many fans, especially Sky Bri’s fans, who wondered what happened between her and Jake Paul. Sky Bri did not comment on Jake Paul’s engagement and remained silent on the matter. She also deleted some of the pictures and videos of her and Jake Paul from her social media accounts.

Some fans speculated that Sky Bri and Jake Paul had broken up, and that Jake Paul had cheated on her with Julia Rose. Some fans also accused Julia Rose of stealing Jake Paul from Sky Bri and called her names. However, some fans defended Julia Rose and said that she was Jake Paul’s true love and that Sky Bri was just a fling.

Sky Bri and Jake Paul’s relationship was a roller coaster ride, full of drama and controversy. They had a lot of chemistry, but they also had a lot of problems. However, they never made it official, and they never clarified their situation. They left their fans in the dark and moved on with their lives.

Sky Bri Boyfriend – Adin Ross – Are They Dating or Just Friends?

Adin Ross is another famous name in the streaming world. He is known for his e-dating streams on Twitch, where he invites models and celebrities to join him for some fun and games. He has over 4 million followers on Twitch and YouTube, where he entertains his fans with his hilarious and charismatic personality.

Sky Bri and Adin Ross met in October 2022, when she appeared on his stream for the first time. They had a lot of chemistry, and they flirted a lot on the stream. They also agreed to be each other’s girlfriend and boyfriend, but only for the stream.

Dating Rumours and Speculations

However, some fans speculated that Sky Bri and Adin Ross had a real connection and that they were secretly dating. They pointed out that Sky Bri and Adin Ross followed each other on Instagram, and liked each other’s posts. They also noticed that Sky Bri and Adin Ross had matching tattoos of each other’s names on their arms.

But are Sky Bri and Adin Ross really dating, or are they just friends? Adin Ross has clarified that he is single and not in a relationship with anyone. He said that he and Sky Bri are just friends who have fun on his streams. He also said that the tattoos were just a prank and that they were not serious.

Sky Bri has also confirmed that she and Adin Ross are not dating and that they are just friends. She said that she enjoys being on his streams and that they have a good vibe. She also said that the tattoos were just a joke and that they were not permanent.

A Friendly Relationship

Sky Bri and Adin Ross have a playful and friendly relationship, but they are not romantically involved. They are just friends who have fun on his streams, and who like to troll their fans with their tattoos. They have a lot of respect and admiration for each other, but they are not in love.

However, some fans still hope that Sky Bri and Adin Ross will become a couple someday and that they will make their relationship official. They think that Sky Bri and Adin Ross are perfect for each other and that they have a lot of potential. They also think that Sky Bri and Adin Ross are hiding their true feelings and that they are afraid to admit their love.

Sky Bri and Adin Ross’s relationship is a mystery, full of jokes and pranks. They have a lot of fun, but they also have a lot of confusion. However, they never confirm nor deny their relationship status, and they keep their fans wondering. They leave their fans in the dark and move on with their lives.

Who is Sky Bri Boyfriend?

Sky Bri is currently not dating anyone, and her relationship status is single. She is focused on her career as a content creator and model, and she enjoys her freedom and independence. She is not interested in settling down with anyone, and she likes to keep her options open.

Sky Bri is a confident and ambitious woman, who knows what she wants and how to get it. She is not afraid to express her sexuality and her opinions on Sky Bri OnlyFans account. She doesn’t care about what others think of her. Sky Bri is also a smart and savvy businesswoman, who has built a successful brand and empire with her name and image.

Bottom Line

Sky Bri’s boyfriend is a mystery, full of surprises and secrets. She has had a lot of fun and adventure with Jake Paul and Adin Ross, but she has not committed to anyone. She is single and happy, and she does not need a boyfriend to complete her. You can follow her on various social media handles on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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