Sutton Stracke’s Net Worth – How She Maintains Her Lavish Lifestyle

Sutton Stracke net worth

Sutton Stracke is not a stranger to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans. She shot into fame after appearing on the show so many times. People are interested in knowing Sutton Stracke net worth. This post will shed light on her life, relationships, and many more.


Sutton’s former last name was Brown, but she later changed it to Stracke after marrying her former spouse. Her parents gave birth to her in Georgia and she is currently 57 years old. At 57 years, Sutton Stracke’s net worth is more than some peers her age.


Sutton’s father and mother worked as professionals in their respective fields before they retired. Her mother worked as a social worker for a veterans organization. While her father worked as an architect.

Educational Background

Sutton went to a tertiary institution in South Carolina to bag her BA after leaving high school. She graduated and moved to another city to start a new life.

Dancing Background


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After she graduated, she moved to New York City to learn how to dance. She aspired to learn ballet and have a profession in ballet. Her hard work paid off as she became a successful lady and celebrity after a few years. She was also appointed as a director in two ballet dancing organizations. Not only that, she is part of the governing board of many ballet organizations across the U.S.

In recognition of her hosting abilities, Sutton was named alongside other famous personalities as an excellent party host in the U.S. This also helped to increase Sutton Stracke’s net worth.

Working Experience

Sutton learned how to dance and was later cast in the Real Housewives series. Her charisma, performance, and glamorous appearance earned her the love of the audience. In addition, she was also given a full-cast role in the series. As a result, her popularity increased and she got many fans.

Career As A Businesswoman


Sutton doesn’t only rely on her fame and celebrity status to earn income. She is renowned to be an active entrepreneur who is business savvy. Apart from owning a timber firm with her former spouse, she also established a boutique too! Located in West Hollywood, the boutique is said to sell high-end clothing. Sutton manages the store well and ensures it operates smoothly. Besides, her boutique is renowned to be patronized by high-paying customers and rich clientele. Sutton has indeed proved herself in the business world. And she definitely earns a sizable amount of money from her boutique. But it isn’t certain if the timber firm she co-owned with her former husband generated more profits than her businesses.

Additionally, Sutton is a real estate investor and has generated additional money from the industry. She is a wise businesswoman, so she knows the importance of real estate investments. Besides, she knows how to take risks without going overboard.

Therefore, we can say that Sutton got rich from being cast on a television show and her various businesses.


Sutton was raised in the southern part of America and a southern family. She is the true definition of a southern Belle that stayed true to her roots. She is a wonderful host and a go-getter. As a celebrity whose fame came from the television series she did, Sutton proved her worth. She did well on the show and garnered respect from her fans. Furthermore, Sutton Stracke is a private person, evidenced by her divorce which she kept on low-key. She has an adventurous spirit and decided to purchase an electric truck.

Relationship And Family

In 2000, Sutton and her ex-husband, Christian Stracke got married. That was when she changed her surname from Brown to Stracke. However, sixteen years later, precisely in 2016, Sutton and Christian went their separate ways. The reason for the divorce is unknown, and Sutton kept it that way. Till now, nobody knows whether Sutton is romantically involved with someone since she divorced.

Christian Stracke, Sutton’s Former Husband

Christian Stracke, Sutton's Former Husband

Christian Stracke met his ex-wife when they were young and the pair became friends. Years later, they got married in a ceremony attended by people close to them. Christian was employed at an investment firm in the US when they got married. More than half a decade later, his union with Sutton hit the rocks, and they called it quits. Their marriage and the subsequent split were kept private.

Sutton’s Kids

Sutton gave birth to three kids for her ex-husband, two boys, and a girl, namely, Philips, James, and Porter Stracke. Two of her kids have joined her on the Beverly Hills reality show.

Her Zodiac Sign

As someone born in September, Sutton’s sign is Virgo. That means she is practical and logical, traits which helped her become a good business owner.

Eating Habits

Sutton eats both meat and vegetables. In other words, she is not a vegetarian. She enjoys eating fish, beef, vegetables, and other delicious dishes.

Living Experience

Sutton has lived in places like Georgia, New York, Beverly Hills, South Carolina, and now Bel Air. Just recently, Sutton acquired a beautiful house in Bel Air, which is why she currently resides there.


To cap it all, Sutton Stracke net worth is estimated to be around 50 million dollars. This makes her a millionaire in the United States. She wasn’t aware of her net worth until she started divorce proceedings with her ex-husband. Sutton was surprised when she learned that she is worth billions. The reason is that she couldn’t believe she and her ex-husband’s business did well. To her, the timber business is just a shop to earn profits, and didn’t know it would bring them millions.

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