Terrence Duckett: Know All About Jasmine Guy Ex-Husband

terrence duckett - jasmine guy ex-husband and imani duckett father
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Terrence Duckett may not be a name that instantly rings a bell for most people, but there’s much more to this man than meets the eye. His life has been one of intrigue and tenacity, marked by a blend of personal choices and a dash of celebrity connection. In this article, we delve into the life of Terrence Duckett, ex-husband of Jasmine Guy, a man who prefers to live in the shadows, away from the limelight that often accompanies fame.

Terrence Duckett Early Life – Birth & Parents 

Terrence Duckett hails from the United States of America. He was born on May 22, 1962 and is 63 years old at present. Unlike many others who find themselves in the public eye, Terrence has managed to keep his personal history largely private. We don’t have access to information about his family, his upbringing, or his early education.

Terrence Duckett Career 

One thing we do know about Terrence Duckett is that he is a healthcare consultant at OnPacePlus, located in Rose Valley, Pennsylvania. This might raise the question: what does a healthcare consultant do? In simple terms, a healthcare consultant is a professional who provides expertise and guidance in the healthcare industry. 

They may work with hospitals, medical facilities, or healthcare organizations to improve processes, enhance patient care, and proper treatment, or optimize business operations.

While the details of Terrence’s journey into healthcare consulting are not widely available, it’s safe to assume that he pursued this career path based on his interests, education, or experiences. 

Terrence Duckett Marriage to Jasmine Guy

jasmine guy - terrence duckett ex-wife
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Terrence Duckett’s journey into the limelight began when he married the acclaimed actress, Jasmine Guy, in the year 1998. Jasmine Guy, an American actress and entertainer, was born on March 10, 1964, in Boston, Massachusetts. She is renowned for her performances in popular films and television series such as “School Daze” and “A Different World.” Her magnetic presence on screen has solidified her reputation as a talented performer. 

Yet, even as a husband to a famous actress, Terrence Duckett continued to shroud his personal life in secrecy.

A Daughter’s Arrival

During their marriage, Terrence Duckett and Jasmine Guy welcomed a daughter into their lives. Imani Duckett was born on March 28, 1999. Imani’s arrival was a moment of shared happiness for the couple.

Terrence Duckett Divorce

The union between Terrence Duckett and Jasmine Guy, which began with great promise, eventually met its conclusion. After a decade of marriage, the couple decided to part ways and filed for divorce in 2008. As with many celebrity divorces, their separation generated significant social media attention and sparked conversations among fans and onlookers.

Terence Duckett Accused of Not Paying Child Support

Jasmine Guy, renowned for her role in “A Different World,” has encountered difficulties in receiving child support from her ex-husband, Terence Duckett, for their daughter Imani. 

Despite their divorce in 2008, Duckett ceased payments in May 2010, leaving Guy with a total owed amount of $39,663 by 2012. Guy took legal action by filing a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court, but she faced obstacles in serving the papers to Duckett. 

Expressing her frustration, a spokesperson for Guy emphasized her commitment as a mother and the importance of both parents fulfilling their financial responsibilities toward their child. Guy sought various measures, including holding Duckett in contempt of court, garnishing his wages, or even arresting him. 

This was not the first financial challenge Guy faced due to Duckett, as she had previously filed for bankruptcy, with both parties accumulating substantial debts during their marriage. 

Reportedly, Duckett owed approximately $94,000 to the federal government, while Guy had outstanding IRS debts of over $100,000.

Daughter: Imani Duckett

imani duckett - terrence duckett and jasmine guy daughter
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Jasmine Guy daughter, Imani Duckett is no stranger to the arts, much like her mother. She’s not only known as the daughter of a celebrated actress, but she has also made a name for herself as an actress, model, and dancer. 

In 2006, Imani Duckett made her debut as an actress in the Atlanta stage play, Serial Black Face. She also starred in another play as Latoya, portraying the rebellious teenage daughter of a woman during the 1979 Atlanta Child Murders. 

In 2016, she landed her first role in Hollywood in the film Unsung Hollywood. She has also appeared in a TV movie titled “Open” as the character Luna, four years after landing the role. 

Terrence Duckett: Post-Divorce Life

The divorce of Terrence Duckett and Jasmine Guy marked the end of their ten-year marriage. This event attracted considerable attention from the public and the media. But it did not compel Terrence to change his approach to life. In the aftermath of the divorce, Terrence seems to have remained committed to living a private life, away from the public eye.

What happened after the divorce? What has Terrence been up to in recent years? The answer is a bit of a mystery. He has managed to stay out of the spotlight, maintaining a level of anonymity that is increasingly rare in today’s world.

Terrence Duckett Net Worth

Terrence Duckett’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million as of 2023. While this figure may not place him among the wealthiest individuals globally, it does signify a comfortable financial standing. It’s modest wealth, but it’s a wealth that reflects a life of hard work and financial stability.

In comparison, Jasmine Guy, as a successful actress and performer, boasts a substantially higher net worth. Her projected net worth as of 2023 is $4 million. Her work in the entertainment sector has given her the opportunity to accumulate substantial wealth.  


Terrence Duckett may not be a household name. But his connection to Jasmine Guy, the celebrated actress, has led to curiosity about his life and background. While he has garnered some attention due to his association with a renowned actress and their subsequent divorce. He has chosen to live a life away from the public eye.

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