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zehra gunes - turkish volleyball player, beautiful and sensational superstar
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Welcome to the extraordinary tale of Zehra Gunes, the dynamic force in the world of professional volleyball from the heart of Turkey! In this deep dive, we’ll unravel the layers of her life, explore her triumphs, and uncover intriguing facets about this remarkable athlete.

Who Is Zehra Güneş?

who is zehra güneş
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Born on the 7th of July, 1999 (Zehra Gunes age 24, as of 2023), in the vibrant city of Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey, Zehra Güneş entered the world under the guiding star of Cancer. Zehra Gunes academic journey led her to the halls of High School in Kartal. Where she not only excelled academically but also laid the foundation for her future pursuits. Little did she know that her true calling awaited her on the volleyball court.

Volleyball Superstar Zehra Gunes Height, Weight and Figure Measurements

zehra gunes height, weight and figure measurements
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Zehra Gunes height towers impressively at 6 feet 6 inches, a towering and sensational figure that dominates the volleyball world. Zehra Gunes weight is roughly around 84 kg, she possesses the ideal physique for the critical role of a middle blocker. Beyond her physical prowess, Zehra’s light brown hair and captivating brown eyes contribute to the charisma that surrounds her. Zehra Gunes figure measurements of approximately 36-30-37 reflect not only her dedication to the sport but also her commitment to maintaining peak physical condition.

Zehra Gunes Family Bonds

In the fabric of Zehra’s life, the Gunes family plays a pivotal role. Gunnar Gunes, her father, and Agnes Gunes, her mother, have been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of her journey. The familial spotlight extends to her two sisters, Mina Gunes and Irem Gunes. Who actively contribute to the volleyball scene at Vakifbank Sports Club.

Zehra Gunes Pro Volleyball Journey

zehra gunes turkish volleyball player
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Zehra’s foray into professional sports began in 2015 when she joined the Turkey Girls’ U18 National team. The echoes of her exceptional skills reverberated on the international stage, earning her the prestigious title of Best Middle Blocker at the 2015 FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship in Peru. Her journey continued to ascend, marked by significant contributions in various international championships.

In 2017, as an integral part of the Turkey women’s U23 team, Zehra clinched the championship title at the FIVB Volleyball Women’s U23 World Championship in Slovenia. Her prowess seamlessly transitioned to the club level, where she secured victory in the 2017–18 CEV Women’s Champions League with Vakifbank Istanbul.

Zehra Gunes Awards Galore

Zehra Gunes has etched her name in the annals of volleyball history with an illustrious array of achievements listed below:

  1. 2015 FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship – Best Middle Blocker.
  2. 2017 Turkish Women’s Volleyball Super Cup.
  3. 2017 FIVB Club World Championship – Gold Medal.
  4. 2017–18 Turkish Women’s Volleyball League – Gold Medal.
  5. 2017–18 CEV Women’s Champions League – Gold Medal.
  6. 2017–18 Vestel Venus Sultans League – Vestel Special Prize.
  7. 2017 FIVB Volleyball Women’s U20 World Championship – Best Middle Blocker.
  8. 2018 Turkish Women’s Volleyball Cup – Gold Cup.
  9. 2018 FIVB Club World Championship – Gold Medal.
  10. 2019 FIVB Women’s Club World Championship – Best Middle Blocker.
  11. 2019 FIVB Club World Championship – Bronze Medal.
  12. 2020 Turkish Super Cup – Silver Cup.
  13. 2020–21 CEV Women’s Champions League – Silver Medal.
  14. 2021 FIVB Women’s Club World Championship – Best Middle Blocker.
  15. 2021 FIVB Club World Championship – Gold Medal.
  16. 2021 FIVB Women’s Club World Championship – Best Middle Blocker.
  17. 2021–22 CEV Women’s Champions League – Gold Medal.
  18. 2021–22 Turkish Women’s Volleyball League – Most Valuable Player.
  19. 2022 FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship – Silver Medal.
  20. 2022 FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship – Best Middle Blocker.

Life Beyond Volleyball: Relationships and Revelations

zehra gunes and eren ali disli love relationship
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Beyond the court, Zehra Gunes personal life briefly stole the limelight in May 2022 when her love connection with Eren Ali Disli made headlines. However, by December 2022, the dynamics changed, and the couple decided to part ways. It marks a poignant chapter in Zehra’s personal journey.

Melissa Vargas and Zehra Gunes Relationship

melissa vargaszehra and gunes relationship
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Melissa Vargas and Zehra Gunes are known for their association with each other, particularly in the context of volleyball. They have been seen dancing together in TikTok videos and have a notable presence on social media platforms like Instagram, where Zehra Güneş has posted content related to their relationship.

Zehra Gunes Social Media Profiles

zehra gunes social media
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Zehra Güneş, the Turkish volleyball sensation, isn’t just ruling the court but also social media. Follow her on Instagram, @zehragns18, for glimpses into her career and personal life. She’s also active on Twitter, @guneszehraa, keeping fans updated.

Known for both her volleyball prowess and beauty, Zehra Güneş is a standout Turkish player with a growing fan base. You can also join the “Zehra Gunes Official” Facebook group for updates and discussions related to Zehra.

Her popularity extends beyond sports, evident in Instagram posts describing her as a “beautiful volleyball player.” Follow her not just for the game but to appreciate her charisma and talent.

Fun Facts and Preferences

Delving into Zehra’s off-court pursuits unveils a world of interests beyond spikes and serves. Her love for automobiles manifests in a sleek Mercedes Benz, a testament to her taste for elegance. When it comes to beverages, coffee takes the lead as her preferred choice. Additionally, she has a soft spot for Bonj footwear, showcasing a blend of style and comfort in her personal preferences.

Zehra Gunes Net Worth

zehra gunes net worth
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Zehra Gunes, the accomplished athlete and sensational Turkish volleyball player, has an estimated that Zehra Gunes net worth ranges from $3 million to $5 million. Despite her success, specific details about Zehra Güneş’s monthly salary remain elusive, creating an air of mystery around the financial aspects of her thriving career.

Did You Know?

Zehra’s journey is intertwined with intriguing twists. Such as her temporary transfer to Besiktas J.K. in the 2016-17 Turkish Women’s Volleyball League season. The number 18 on her jersey has become synonymous with on-court excellence. It’s a numerical badge of honor she wears with pride. Beyond the sports arena, Zehra is celebrated as a superstar not only for her athletic prowess but also for being one of the most stunning volleyball players globally, according to various sources.

In a Nutshell

In conclusion, Zehra Gunes isn’t merely a volleyball player; she is an embodiment of excellence and inspiration. Her unwavering dedication, coupled with a glittering collection of achievements, cements her position as a revered sports icon. As we traverse the chapters of her journey, it becomes abundantly clear that Zehra Gunes is not just making history in the volleyball world. She is crafting a legacy that resonates both nationally and internationally.

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