Why choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

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Are you interested in a career where there is a lot of opportunities to work according to your field of knowledge, then you can choose digital marketing as a career? Digital Marketing is not like traditional marketing where a business owner or company advertises their products using newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads, etc. but it is an advertising of the products using digital media like mobile, tablets, and desktop. The demand for digital marketing is growing day by day because every business needs an online presence to grow its business in the future. The cost of the advertisement in digital marketing is very less as compared to traditional marketing so, many businesses are shifting towards digital marketing. There are various opportunities to become a digital marketer.

Here are some opportunities for a Digital Marketer:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert

Search Engine Optimization refers to strategies and techniques which is performed by an SEO expert to rank the websites in various search engines. They analyse, review, and make various changes according to search engine updates so, that the websites can be seen on top pages. The main motive of an SEO expert is to generate traffic to the websites using various techniques. The average pay of an SEO expert is $ 55000/ annum.

2. Social Media Marketer (SMM)

Nowadays, everyone is using social media platforms to interact with friends, family, and relatives. So, Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest gives the facility to advertise your products using social media. Social Media Marketer helps the business owners to grow presence in various social media platforms using organic and paid techniques. The average pay of a Social Media Marketer is $ 45,000/ annum.

3. Search Engine Marketing / PPC Expert

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is a paid method to do Search Engine Optimization, it is also known as Search Engine Marketing. PPC expert uses keywords strategies to perform a successful campaign so, that their client’s website can get maximum reaches and traffic. The average pay of PPC experts is $ 49000/ annum.

4. Mobile Marketer

Mobile marketer helps their clients to get maximum conversions through Mobile SEO, Mobile campaigns, and Mobile PPC.  Many business people have shifted their marketing budget towards mobile marketing so, the demand for mobile marketers has increased. The average pay of a Mobile marketer is $ 58000/ annum.

5. Content Writer

The content writer aims to write engaging articles on the websites to generate organic traffic. Content Writing is the planning and research of keywords on the web, it helps the content writer to write articles according to it. The demand for content writers is increasing day by day but the person needs to be creative. The average pay of a content writer is $ 45000/ annum.

6. Freelancer Jobs

After learning digital marketing you can do freelance projects. A freelancer is a self-employed person who is handling more than one project of their clients at a time and get paid according to its work (hourly/weekly). Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance, Guru are some companies who give you freelance work.

7. E-mail Marketer

Promotional e-mails are sent on the behalf of the company to engage with people and telling about products or services offered by the company. An email marketer performs this task. E-mail marketing is cost-friendly and easy to measure. Most companies use email marketing as a tool for Inbound Marketing. The average pay of an email marketer is $ 60000/ annum.

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