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Are you an engineer with a degree outside of IT? Have no fear! There are many programs available to give you the skills needed in industry-specific domains so that when it comes time for interviews, your resume stands out from other candidates.

Engineers are often in need of additional training when they graduate from engineering school. This is because the skills taught there don’t necessarily apply to working within an industry or company, leading many graduates into practical difficulties during their job search process–especially if these individuals lack experience-training programs tailored towards industry-specific domains.

When you leave your program as a freshly minted engineer with all sorts of new knowledge under your belt about how things work at a significant scale level but no hands-on practice ready for employment outside academia – well, let’s say it’s tough out here, folks! So, what can be done?

Why Job-oriented Courses for Youth?

Job-oriented courses in Career Programs are an integral part of any industry. These programs help you build a pool of eligible professionals and teach essential skills for any field, which gives candidates an edge during interviews; while providing learning opportunities in different domains that can be related together with various tools available to professionals.

Job-oriented training programs are great for many reasons. For starters, they can provide employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to do their jobs well. Employees who go through this type of training should also have increased job satisfaction because they feel more prepared for what’s ahead. Another benefit is that companies save money on hiring new people because qualified employees will already know how to do the work.

– Such courses help you to improve your communication skills, teamwork skills, and problem-solving techniques.

– The course will help you find the right job with more ease as these are skill requirements for most jobs today.

– Through a job-oriented courses after engineering, you not only improve your business knowledge but also get an edge over others in any interview situation.

HCL First Career for Career in IT industry:

Get into the IT industry with HCL First Careers. With a 360-degree structure, this course empowers students through training and skill development to be a part of one of India’s most popular industries–IT!

The program’s technical component covers programming languages or system administration while providing thorough instruction on soft skills like communication. After graduation from college/university-level courses, you have all bases covered when looking for your dream job at an Indian company after graduation from college/university-level courses. During the three-month-long program, the trainees undergo Communication and virtual classroom training and professional practice term.

Segmentation of Program:

Fresher’s program

This course is designed for entry-level jobs at HCL Technology. During the program, candidates undergo extensive classroom training & three months of on-job training. Then, while working on global projects, they learn strategies to tackle real-life professional challenges.

Graduate Program: 

This segment vests training efforts into graduates and prepares them for non-technical and other relevant jobs. The program ventures into numerous career tracks, which trainees choose as per their interests and career goals. The program identified every trainee’s potential and refined them accordingly to succeed in their professional realms.

The candidates enrolling in this course who accomplish the final objectives of the program are placed in HCL. They get to work in different job roles across departments like Application Development, Testing, IT Maintenance and support, etc.

To conclude, by enrolling in an employment-oriented course, you not only add skills to your resume, but such courses also boost your confidence to sustain fierce market competition.

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Written by Naman Rawat

The Author has more than 3 years in the field of marketing and has been published in many reputed magazines and newsletters.


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