6 Reasons Why You Should Pursue A Career In Event Management

Event Management

Event management has broken through the tag of an up-and-coming career option. All the industries are adapting and using the services of event management companies for a multitude of reasons. With the influx of technology in event management, companies are providing a holistic experience while conducting an event.

India recorded a revenue of Rs 100 Billion through organized events in 2021. And why wouldn’t they? Immersive experiences such as VR screenings to music festivals to launch parties for any upcoming events – Event Management Companies are called upon for a smooth and effortless experience.

But first, let’s understand what Event Management is and if doing event management courses is worth it.

What is Event Management?

Event Management is all about overseeing all logistics leading up to and during the event – whether it’s a wedding, conference, or any other organized planning.

Responsibilities of an Event Manager:

  • Selecting & reserving the venue
  • Coordinating with vendors
  • Making entertainment arrangements
  • Arranging transportation and parking
  • Ensuring health and safety compliance
  • Monitoring the event

Attributes of an Event Manager:

  • People Management Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Ability To Work Under Pressure
  • Problem-Solving Attitude
  • Conflict Resolution

After completing an event management course in India, the event manager can ensure everything goes smoothly by managing the vendor relationships, staff, finances, and more.

6 Reasons To Pursue Event Management

1. The flexibility of Work (Freelance, Agency, Or In-House)

In the event management industry, the flexibility of where you want to work is unparalleled. You could get hired as a freelance consultant, supplementing the needs of a particular event. Or you could be part of an agency that has taken the onus onto itself to organize and execute a specific event. And finally, you could be your boss and manage the entire operation yourself by calling upon the years of experience one needs to have before making this change.

In an agency format, you might start with an entry-level job, but the experience you’d get by learning from your senior colleagues is immense. You would understand the granular details that one needs to ensure a hassle-free event. Of course, there will be times when things aren’t going as you want them to, and you get to understand how to act in situations where things are not in your hands, and it’s time to adapt. This is where doing one of the event management courses in Mumbai can help you stand out from the crowd as you would get to go through industrial training.

2. Full of Variety

The event management space is full of variety – in terms of events that take place every year. Whether it’s a music festival, holiday party or launch party of a massive corporate event for a brand – event management companies are the ones who work around the clock.

Monotonous life is not a synonym you can attach to the lifestyle of an event manager.

3. Geographically Fluid

Events take place everywhere. Whether you’re in India, the US, China, or Brazil for that matter. Events take place everywhere, and the need for someone to manage the nitty-gritty of such things will not die.

Especially after completing one of the event management courses in Mumbai, as an Event Manager, you will have the chance to attend and manage international events. Increase your bank of experience by interacting with people who are similarly positioned as you and learning from their work culture and ethics.

4. Booming Industry

After the COVID-19 Pandemic, the events industry was hit with a lot of turbulence. Since then, things have settled down, and normalcy has returned.

In India, the event management industry is expected to grow by 25-30% by 2023! That’s a high surge and signifies how in-demand working professionals in this domain are.

5. Extensive Scope of Networking and Collaboration

The scope of collaboration and network in this field is incredible. You’d be getting a chance to work with high-profile clients that have a lot of say in their particular industries.

It’s never bad to have contacts if you’re trying to pitch a new client or if you’re looking to expand your business elsewhere, this is just as good as pursuing a course at the best event management school.

6. Work Satisfaction

Less than half of the people in the professional world are unsatisfied with their jobs. Work satisfaction can have multiple facets, and one of the primary requirements is acknowledgment.

As an Event Manager, you will see your hard work of days, weeks or even months pay off, and that feeling is worth putting in the hours. You grow as a person and learn new things about yourself that you didn’t believe you were capable of pulling off.

Wrapping Up

The Event management space is brimming with potential and is looking for people with fresh ideas and perspectives. In the future, many events will be conducted online, and it’s an untapped reservoir for those who are on the come up. That’s why there are many event management courses in India to choose from.

Whether it is traditional means of doing event management or the up-and-coming trends, the industry is keenly looking at people with potential. But, for that, professional accreditation is vital.

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