Reasons Why High Schools Are Digitising Their Exam Process

Digital Assessment

The system of traditional exams is changing and will soon be replaced by digital assessments. This trend has been catching on in Australian schools, with multiple Australian schools and universities now offering online exams.

The traditional way of testing students may seem like a good idea, but there are better options. With new technologies and digitalisation, you can now do technically impossible things for the past generation. Education has become more personalised and flexible compared to the past when schools would force a set curriculum on every student. A student’s learning experience is way better than ever due to online assessments’ flexibility. This post will highlight why many schools and universities are shifting towards the digitalisation of examinations.

Understanding The Key Difference Between Traditional School Exams And Digital Assessment

Traditional school exams often stretch many students beyond their natural limits. They require students to study for a set period and then take a final exam. The results of these exams are then sent to the student’s school, which uses them as part of their grade-point average (GPA). In addition to the challenges associated with studying for a traditional exam, students also have to fret about how well they will perform on their final exam.

Digital assessments are less apprehensive because the assessment and grading can be assessed in real-time and simultaneously. Online assessments can provide immediate feedback on performance, which allows students to see where they need improvement before they retake a test. Students can also take online practice assessments at any point during the semester if they feel they need extra practice or want to review material covered in class.

Primary Reasons Why Schools Are Moving Towards Digitalisation Of Examination

The digitalisation of assessments in schools is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many schools are now using software to create and run exams online to evaluate students’ skills and knowledge. The reasons why traditional school exams are being replaced with digital assessment tools by schools are as follows:

The traditional exam is an old-fashioned way of testing students’ knowledge, which can be slow and difficult to administer. The new digital assessment system allows students to work independently and learn better using interactive interfaces offered by these digital platforms.
It’s also cheaper for schools to use the digital assessment system than opting for traditional paper-based tests, which involve an exponentially high logistical cost.
It’s easier for teachers to grade these tests because they have access to an online platform that allows them to see the student’s progress at any time during the exam period.

Final Thoughts

The digitalisation of assessments has been part of testing programs since the advent of the internet, but now they’re becoming more prevalent both in Australia and abroad. The use of digital learning has grown steadily in the past few years, and it’s likely to continue growing exponentially in the coming years. Digital assessments offer a convenient way to deliver standardised testing without having to deal with outdated equipment and boring lesson plans.

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