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Graduate Record Examination, as the name suggests, is an exam to examine the knowledge that a person has received till he is graduate. The test tries to cover mathematics, verbal and analysis and logical reasoning topics in the test. The student should have their under-graduation completed before giving this exam. Many universities have kept GRE compulsory for the students who are applying for masters in abroad universities. The test is all about solving the question through shortcuts and saving time. All the questions do not have the same weightage. There are four sections. There are two sections of quantitative and two of verbal. To prepare the course of GRE people to need smart preparation tricks. Some tips to prepare for GRE are given below:

Make a schedule: Duration of preparation does not matter while preparing for GRE, efforts matter. Student needs to prepare smarty. They need to be regular. Two-three hours a day is enough for proper preparation but it should be regular. Set a target to finish some topics daily and to memorize a certain list of words daily. Prepare this daily schedule for a week. And keep the weekends for the revision. Give a mock test before staring any preparation so that you know your level in advance. And then work on it.

Adopt good habits: The best way to improve your English is by using it in our day to day life. To improve the verbal skill student should start reading books so that they can adapt to the habit of reading fast. If they find some unknown word then they should search the word’s meaning and its pronunciation. And try to use the newly learnt words in day to day life so that their correct usage can be understood. Books can even be replaced by the newspaper. Everyone has the best timing to learn. They should discover that time. Student should study at that time. It is usually dawn time or midnight.

Correct guidance: The study material matters the most. There are books recommended by the ETS, an organization that conducts the GRE. Studying from that gives the correct idea to the student about the paper pattern. Then there are Kaplan and manhattan books which help in preparing the quantitative section. They have all variety of questions. Even the shortcuts which can be used are mentioned in the book. While preparing a student should keep a book handy and write down all the formulas. This makes the revision process very much easier. Mock tests are really important for proper preparation.

GRE is not a difficult test. It just needs a smart learning process. Everyone does not have any senior to guide them on how to prepare for this exam. As this exam is not a usual one. Following these steps will be helpful for the students who are preparing for GRE. Proper planning will help the student to score good marks in the GRE. Try these tricks to prepare well and score perfectly. The smart way is the correct way.

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