Top 5 Study Resources for USMLE in 2024

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It is no secret that today you can find plenty of educational resources on the Internet. They represent various media projects, the field of activity of which is education, and the environment of existence is electronic devices with an Internet connection. Online resources are aimed at broadening one’s horizons, increasing literacy levels, and mastering applied skills and abilities in various areas of human activity. Accordingly, virtual resources have become an integral part of exam preparation. They offer a wide range of options that can assist students in improving their knowledge and skills and preparing for exam formats, including the USMLE. In this article, we will look at the best platforms to prepare for this tough exam.

What are the Benefits of Using Online Test Prep Resources?

In addition to convenience, a large base of well-developed and high-quality content from professionals and an interactive approach, online education has a number of significant advantages that are worth paying attention to:

A Great Opportunity to Study According to an Individual Trajectory

For a start, learning platforms help students build a preparation plan for USMLE. So, you can monitor your learning progress in the “Progress” section. Students and parents monitor individual statistics and see progress over the year, month or week, detailed information about the topics covered and studied, and also receive advice on the trajectory and regularity of classes.

Availability and Convenience

Online resources are available to almost everyone. They offer a wide range of options, including free and paid resources. Online resources are available anytime and anywhere. This allows students to learn at their own pace and in a place that is convenient for them.

Time-Saving Factor

One of the main advantages of distance learning is that the student does not need to waste time on the road. Everything you need to prepare for exams: a gadget and a stable Internet connection. By the way, classes can be adjusted to fit a comfortable schedule, which is especially important given the busy schedule of graduates.

Preparation Material Is Always at Hand

There is no need to wait until the next lesson to ask the teacher a question or move a little further in the program. The thing is that all the materials for independent study are always at hand, so the student can refer to them at any moment. More than that, online platforms are great for independently practicing difficult topics of USMLE.


Virtual resources can be extremely effective in preparing for exams. What matters here is that they offer a wide range of materials including videos, presentations, tests, useful AnkiPro flashcards and all that jazz. All these factors help students learn the material and develop the necessary skills.

How to Pick Up E-Resources for USMLE Preparation?

When selecting online USMLE preparation resources, consider the following factors:

  • Exam requirements: Make sure the resources you choose meet the requirements of the exam you are preparing for;
  • Level of training: Choose resources that suit your skill level. If you are a beginner, choose resources for beginners. If you already have basic knowledge, choose resources for a more advanced level;
  • Price: The cost of online resources may vary depending on their content and quality, so choose resources that fit your budget.

What Are the Best Study Platforms for the USMLE Preparation?

We know how boring it is sometimes to prepare using textbooks and reference books and to endlessly work through collections of assignments. To prepare effectively, you should use different sources of information. In this article, we have compiled resources for preparing for the USMLE. You’ll receive a selection of the best educational resources to prepare for the USMLE.

AnkiPro for USMLE

It’s common knowledge that flashcards are extremely common when learning other languages since they help students learn words faster and more efficiently. However, they’re also very effective for the USMLE Preparation.

With the help of spaced repetition algorithms, Anki app flashcards will help you study effectively with flashcards. This method allows you to remember the necessary facts and prepare for exams by studying new materials. The presented platform will allow you to avoid managing physical sheets using digital sheets.


This educational resource’s information base contains the latest medical facts and treatment recommendations on a “case by case basis.” The program features various useful videos, articles as well as an extensive question bank that can be surely used for self-assessment and college-provided mastery USMLE tests. That is why doctors can make reasonable clinical decisions guided by evidence-based app tips.


The study resource can assist you in preparing for high-stakes exams, including USMLE, so that you master the concepts in an interactive way. What counts here is that the platform is characterized by lots of practice questions with detailed explanations and diagrams. It is able to adapt quickly to changing trends in the USMLE. As a result, the test questions reflect the most current exam questions. Accordingly, students can surely practice anytime without losing any progress.

Sketchy Videos

This platform features various cartoon animations filled with visual mnemonics that allows you to remember high-yield medical facts. The app video materials provide students of all ages with detailed information about the human body that can help you better comprehend the USMLE facts. By watching them, you will learn the most necessary information about pharmacology, anatomical reactions and the like.


This official medical exam app provides a platform for doctors to use while preparing for the exam. With the most effective board-style questions, you’ll be able to quickly memorize and master the key concepts you’ll encounter on the world’s most influential medical exam. It is noteworthy that each module of this educational portal contains more than 80% content for USMLE. More precisely, here you will find more than 300 topics.

Key Takeaways

In case you would like to be legally able to practice as a doctor in the United States, you will need to pass the USMLE. Interestingly, this test is considered one of the most difficult exams in the world. At the same time, passing it confirms the doctor’s high level of knowledge. Having a certificate of passing the USMLE is cool and prestigious.

Anyone who has passed the USMLE has the right to enter residency in any specialty that interests him on a competitive basis. The higher the exam scores, the greater the chances of becoming a specialist. The five educational platforms presented in our current review will undoubtedly help you become a real doctor and pass the exam with flying colors.

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