Canada Introduces the Post-Graduation Work Permit Amid COVID 19

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Traveling to Canada was once fuss-free and all that is required is always your study permit and all other vital documents to find yourself pursuing your dream career as international students.

However, it all changes as the COVID 19 steps in crippling the whole world and driving countries nuts for solutions. Canada like most countries out in place a travel ban except for nonessential trips in order to curb the spread of the virus. This means international students abroad or those who have plans for September fall intake have been left high and dry.

One of the most important questions creating anxieties among international students as the COVID 19 continues to strike has always been when the Canadian border will open for international students. Here royal migration, a Dubai based immigration services company specializing in all kinds of visas walks you through the new rules and things you need to know relating to travel to Canada as an international student during this period of crisis.

Government plans on reopening borders for international students

The Canadian government still shut its borders on non-Canadian citizens for non-essential travels to curb avoid increased to the number of cases due to immigration. The order which was due to expire on July 31 has been extended to August 31st with no exemptions. Which means international students might still not be able to enter the country.

However, it has been reported that the Laurie LeBlanc, deputy minister of Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities wrote in a letter that the government has been looking into allowing international students entry to Canada for studies September academic year. It stated further that the government is looking into the institution preparedness for the international students and measures put in place. There is yet to be seen of this as many might still be turned down by border agents especially if they are into full online courses.

  Visa, passport and travel documents services are on hold

The pandemic has complicated things for most international students. Some of the Canadian immigration services have stopped issuing visas while travel bans remain in effect. This means students who have already been accepted into any Canadian colleges or universities will have to remain in their home country till entry is permitted.

Students can however still apply for a visa only that it might take months for it to be granted due to the outbreak. However, depending on where you live and whether it is a low risk or high-risk country, the visa might be faster for some than others.

Canadian universities have opened to accommodate international students

As September approaches, many post-secondary institutions are already prepared for fall September. Universities and colleges have shifted to online teaching and virtual classrooms in order to contain the spread of the virus. While courses and lab work that seems difficult to be carried out online are reserved for face to face teaching. Moreover, most have put in place tools and safety measures to ensure students and staff operate in a safe environment. To be eligible for these, IRCC said students who can partake in this must-have had their study permit application submitted whether for fall 2020 or January 2021 semester.

However, commuting to Canadian universities is still a difficult one

While universities might have had everything put in place to welcome students, commuting to school seems pretty complicating during this pandemic. With social distancing, restrictions on movement, commuting to school has raised concerns about health and safety. However, whether it is returning students or new intake, all international students are expected to observe a 14 day period of quarantine upon entry to Canada. Commuting to colleges or universities might also be difficult as there are still restrictions at the Canadian border.

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