8 Tips for doing Bengali Wedding Photography

Bengali Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has certain typical rules. But Bengali wedding photography is a completely different genre all together.

The vast variety of Photography institutes teach multiple ways of clicking good pictures. But to settle down at a Bengali Wedding, a Photographer needs to follow these tips.

1. Knowing about the Rituals

You won’t learn this at Photography institute. Trick here to understand all the rituals one after the other in an extremely decorated manner.

Bengali Wedding Photography mostly consists of several rituals, somewhat like a routined strata. Aiburobhat, Naanni-mukh, Gai-holud, Ashirbad, Subhodristi, Mala-badal, Sat-pak, Sindoor-Daan, Bidai, Bodhu-baran, Bhatkapor, Bou-bhat, reception party and Ful-sojja.

2. Reach on Time

Punctuality is something that you learnt at Photography institutes as well. Moreover few rituals and segments in a Bengali Wedding Photography has weird time slots.

For example, they have a ritual right at the morning time. The timing is entirely a glass of old wine. At 4 AM, yes literally in the first hour of the day.

3. Be Loud Enough

Yes, the loud noise of a wedding house needs a louder voice of instructions. Loud enough for the bride or groom to hear out the instructions for posing and pictures. No you didn’t learn this at a Photography institute.

4. Go Friendly

If you want to click the best Bengali Photograph, then you have to be free and friendly with the bride and groom. You are taught about communication skills at Photography institutes.

But one more important thing is to treat the bride and groom as your close friend. Only then they can be free and jovial with you.

5. Mix with the Crowd

Try not to disturb the crowd. Make yourself one of them, like you need to be candid be while clicking the best Bengali wedding photography.

The Photographer is thought to be candid at a wedding with pictures but they also need to be free within the crowd.

6. Carry a Laptop

Do not forget to carry a laptop or palmtop with yourself. Not for anything else, but to keep your camera memory safe for backups.

7. Memory Card and Battery

A Beautiful Bengali Wedding comprises four separate days. So, you won’t get the chance to go back home anytime soon.

In those cases, you won’t get the chance to upload pictures in the laptop too. And, might happen that in the middle of the event your battery has died. In these cases, the easiest thing is to carry extra batteries and memory cards.

8. Set a Contrast Effect

Bengali wedding photography has plenty of colors, especially red, green, deep pink and blue. For all these color effects one needs to apply the basic technique learnt at Photography institutes.

The trick of construction of colors. Like for red use orange, for green use yellow, for pink use lighter pink, and for blue use the color white.

Indeed tricking the color pattern is really difficult and almost invincible. The main reason behind approaching Bengali Wedding Photography as a difficult topic is for the vast variety of cultures that are profoundly loud.

Asking the Bengali Weddings to make the best photographs is just the right way.

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