Would you make someone a cake for their baby shower?

I am good at making cakes (I am not bragging) anyhow my neighbor is having a baby shower in April and here is my idea so tell me what you think: Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Icing with white rosettes. A baby girl trinket box onto the cake along with congrats and it’s a girl. These would be decorations for the cake because I am not going to write anything on it. (I made one like above for my sister and she loved it but I am wondering if you all would have any more ideals as to what to put on top of the cake?) Thanks and sorry that this is long.


  1. I know you probably want it to be a surprise but you should tell her or the party planner beforehand because they may already have a cake ordered.
  2. A baby!
  3. That sounds like a great idea, I might have to steal it from you j/k…
  4. That’s if the parent wants a baby shower cake, I do not like cake so you should always consult with someone who knows her best 😉
  5. Your cake plans sound complete and wonderful. It will be a very nice gift.
  6. That sounds awesome. I’m always so jealous of people like you who can do things like that, I can barely buy a cake let alone bake one myself.
  7. I think it sounds like a very thoughtful idea but I do also agree with the first poster. I’m sure they have already ordered a cake. This would be great for the family after she has the baby as well when she has NO time to bake. Wish I had a neighbor like you!! YOU ROCK!!
  8. I think that is awesome and I would be happy with that. Like a rocking horse or baby rattle. Have fun!
  9. I always put little baby shoes or a baby doll but you have to watch the hair on the doll. Get one without hair!!! It’s really cute but what you were going to do sounds really cute too!!!
  10. As far as the question in the headline, I think that’s a great idea! But you should probably speak with the person throwing the shower to make sure it’s alright. If they already have a cake planned, they may not like the idea, or they may not mind at all. And if they didn’t have a cake yet, that’s one less thing on their checklist. =) I would think it would also help to know how many people would be attending so you know how big to make it. As far as the question regarding the cake itself, it sounds wonderful! I like simple designs, so I wouldn’t put anything else on them myself.
  11. If you do the strawberry icing, why not keep it simple with just some strawberries cut in half and laid on their side around the top of the cake and then just write ” It’s a girl” in the middle. Also, you could add red and white dots on the side of the cake, kind of like polka dots.
  12. That sounds like a good idea. I got a “baby” cake for my shower. It wasn’t something to eat though. It was made out of diapers and bottles and washcloths and all sorts of stuff. They tied it all together with ribbon and piled it up to make it look like a 3 tiered cake and then wrapped some decorated cellophane around it. It was really nice. Everything I could have wanted was in there. Diaper rash ointment, toothbrushes, etc.
  13. Everything about your cake idea is wonderful & since you make it yourself it makes it even special. For the finishing touch in your trinket box put an Rs.10 or 20 bill with instructions to use the bill to open indirect savings account for the newborn once it gets its small savings which are automatic in about for weeks to include an instruction that they should deposit 10 or 20 Rs. a month into the account & all cash gifts the baby receives for its 1st 3 yrs. this can really add up by the time the kid wants her 1st car or when they boot her out for her 1st. they can even have the Rs.10 or 20 automatically transferred from your account & won’t miss it. I do this for my grandkids & they think I’m wonderful & like I say I don’t even miss the 50 or 60 cents a day. Heck, this might even make you a godparent.

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