What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying Gundam Model Kits?


Building and gathering model kits is more than just a pastime for fans of the venerable Gundam series; it’s a passion. Gunpla, or Gundam model kits, lets fans build replicas of the series’ exquisite and amazing mobile suits.

However, choosing the best Gundam model kit might be difficult because of the wide range of alternatives available.

This article examines the important things to consider before you buy gundam model kits.

Level of Proficiency and Grade

Different categories of Gundam model kits suit varying skill levels and tastes. High Grade (HG), Real Grade (RG), Master Grade (MG), and Perfect Grade (PG) are the most widely used grades.

HG kits are great for beginners because they are reasonably easy to assemble. As you develop expertise and confidence, you can advance to more complex grades like RG, MG, or even the incredibly detailed PG kits.

Dimension and Intensity

Various scales for Gundam model kits correspond to the size of the completed model. Scales like 1/144, 1/100, and 1/60 are frequently used. When choosing a scale, consider your preferred level of detail and the available display space. While higher scales give more detailed features but take up more area, smaller scales could work well in more constrained spaces.

Design of Mobile Suits

The mobile suit designs in the Gundam universe are quite diverse. Think about the suits you like best from the series before you buy. Selecting a model kit that suits your tastes, whether the classic RX-78-2, the stylish Unicorn Gundam, or another version, will make building it more fulfilling and pleasurable.

Possibility and Articulation

The possibility and articulation of Gundam model kits vary. Kits with sophisticated joint systems are worth considering if you like dynamic poses and articulation in your finished creations. Intricate inner frames in Master Grade and Real Grade kits, in particular, improve possibility and let you recreate action-packed moments from the show.

Color Rendering and Intricacy

Evaluate the model kit’s degree of detail and color accuracy. While some kits come with pre-colored pieces, others may require additional painting for the appropriate color scheme and detailing. When purchasing a Gundam model kit, consider your desire to spend extra money on detailing or your preference for unconventional aesthetics.

Stickers and Decals

A selection of decals and stickers are frequently included with Gundam model kits to enhance the final model’s finishing touches and detailing. Consider if you find putting decals to provide that extra personal touch enjoyable. Compared to sticker-based decals, kits with waterslide decals could seem smoother and more lifelike.

Limited-edition and artisanal kits

A few Gundam model kits are available in limited quantities or through exclusive partnerships. These kits could have distinctive packaging, accessories, or color schemes. Look for handcrafted releases or limited edition kits that fit your interests if you’re a collector or seeking something special.

Personalization and Armaments

Gundam model kits frequently come with a variety of extras and weapons. Think about the choices for modification that come with each kit. Various weaponry and extra parts are included with certain models so you can build your setups. If you like to play around with different configurations, check for kits with various attachments.

Cost Range

Gundam model kits have a range of price ranges, and the price can change according to the kit’s complexity, scale, and grade. Establish a budget based on your interests and dedication to the pastime. Although kits with higher grades can have more features, there are still great solutions for people on a budget.

Developing Time Commitment and Experience

Consider how much time and effort you’re prepared to put into constructing a Gundam model kit. Premium kits may be assembled more quickly, which makes them appropriate for people with tight schedules.

However, because of their elaborate detailing and extra features, Master Grade and Perfect Grade kits often take longer. Evaluate your level of building experience and select a kit based on your time constraints and ability.

Resources and Community

Become a Gundam model kit community member to improve your construction skills. Consider the tools, social media groups, and online forums available for making Gundam models and the debates and advice they provide. Joining a community enables you to share your experiences, pick up tips and tricks from other members, and learn from others.

A Tailored Tour of Gunpla Construction

Choosing the ideal Gundam model kit is a customized process that requires serious consideration of your interests, degree of expertise, and dedication to the hobby.

Regardless of your level of experience building Gunpla or familiarity with the franchise, taking the time to consider these aspects will guarantee a more fulfilling and joyful experience.

Accept the imagination, skill, and narrative of building a Gundam model kit, and let your enthusiasm for these recognizable mobile suits come through in your collection.

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