Top 5 Movies to Watch on Foxtel Go Online

One of the best things about the Internet is, you can watch anything from anywhere with your demand and desire. All of this is made possible due to the highly secured VPN protocols and network provided to the users to watch their favorite shows and movies online with just a single click button? Amazing no? Of course, it is, and no worries, if you are an adult or a kid, you can watch anything filtering the content as per your choice.

If we talk about the Foxtel Go streaming platform, you may give tons of titles to the platform itself. Still, there is one feature very few know about, and that’s the parental mode, which is best for parents who want to monitor the platform’s access for their kids’ usage.

 Very few know that Foxtel Go is restricted outside Australia. If you want to watch Foxtel Go Overseas, you would have to connect your devices with a secured VPN network that will mask the IP address and give a premium quality smooth path towards your desired shows without any external hassle that might disturb your overall activities.

The Best Picks For Watching on Foxtel Go Online

This section will discuss the best picks for Foxtel Go Kids, which your kids will love, and they will have a peaceful and enjoyable time over the Internet.


The first one is an animated movie, best for kids. They love to watch transitions and navigation in animated characters as they are at the best stage of illusions and imaginations. The story begins with a young bear working, walking, and talking to travel from London to some jungles of Peru. Then, he is adopted by a Brown Family, who goes through many adventures in their lives within the big city of London.

It’s quite an adventurous movie, and kids love to watch it all the time still now in 2021, although this movie was released in 2015 February. The film has caged a positive response from the users, with 7.2 ratings overall, making viewers’ experience unique and fun-filled!

 Superman and Lois

Superman and Lois is a drama series, with one season operational in the market, although they managed to maintain a positive response. The story initiates with the main lead, facing years of supervillains, monsters, and aliens invading into the world’s famous superhero, The Man of Steel, aka Clark Kent, and the king of comic books, famed journalist Lois Lane. They came face to face with each other, in a great challenge dealing with multiple working parents in the society.

The fight continues, and the everyday experience was no less than an adventurous day in the life of Superman. And Lois, and of course the kids and adults, both loved the series, with a drama pack with all the optimal essence filled within the movie.

The Third Day

Thirdly, the third day, another drama pack, is suitable for adults to watch with the kids, has a mysterious and thrilling storyline. It’s a TV Series, with one season going on air, showing the story of a man and a woman having their course of work to be done, as they make separate journeys to a mysterious island off the British coast.

This series was on the air recently on September 14th, 2020, last year. On various platforms like Sky Atlantic, HBO, Sky Arts, Foxtel Go with high-quality video streaming provided online to the viewers making their experience everlasting filled with cherished moments and thrilling throughout the ending of the series…


It’s an action pack with an adventurous and fantasy genre sharing the story of a young kid, an orphan who loves to pottery around with station clicks. Whose most treasured possession lies in the late father’s automation.

The core mission of the kid was to find the key that will make it work, so he can explore everything and travel within the time frame! Interesting? Of course, it sounds interesting, and we are pleased to announce it’s available on Netflix, Foxtel, and has won the award for Academy Best Production Design which is an excellent achievement in itself.

Teen Titans Go!

Lastly, we have Teen Titans Go, an animated drama fictional season, with six seasons being aired over various entertainment platforms. The superhero Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy love to save the world from multiple hassles, although they decide to stop fighting for the criminals, and that was when things started to go unplanned.

Wrapping Up

Foxtel Go is a well-known Australian internet television service offering subscriptions and allowing streaming to over 50 million channels worldwide. It has hundreds of videos streaming online for the users on their demands.

If you wish to add on some more information or details in these posted articles, please do mention it over the feedback section below to come up with something exciting next time!

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