Top Car Insurance And Add-On Covers You Need And Maybe Didn’t Know About

Car Insurance

Protecting your car is more than just getting the standard insurance. It’s good to look into other, less common types of insurance that can give you better overall safety, and it also helps to understand what the basic insurance covers. Let us explore and examine important car insurance protections that you may not know about to give you tranquillity while driving.

Top car insurance covers

Some of the top car insurance covers are highlighted below:

Comprehensive car insurance

Complete car insurance is an important form of protection. This protection includes more than just accidents; it also covers harm from things such as theft and destruction on purpose.

Third-party insurance coverage

Many drivers might not understand how important third-party liability insurance is, even though it’s a term people often hear. This kind of insurance helps to cover the costs if your car damages someone else’s things or hurts somebody in a crash. In India, it is mandatory by law and acts as an important part of owning a car responsibly.

Own-damage car insurance

This is a significant move to guard against potential financial troubles caused by an accident. It provides coverage for your vehicle’s damages or losses resulting from disasters, whether natural or caused by humans.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage protects you if your car hits another vehicle or thing. It pays to fix or replace your car after an accident.

Top car insurance add-on covers

Some of the top car insurance add-on covers are highlighted below:

Roadside assistance

When a car stops working, it may be at a bad time. But if you need roadside help with your insurance, you can just phone for aid. They will come to tow the car, bring petrol or change a wheel and other things like that. This kind of insurance means you won’t be by yourself with trouble on the road; it makes you feel less worried.

Custom parts and equipment coverage

People who modify their cars sometimes don’t pay attention to the need for insurance that covers the extra parts. Insurance for custom parts and equipment is there to safeguard your spending on improvements like special wheels or sound systems, so you have protection if these get damaged or stolen.

Accidental death benefit

Accidental death benefit coverage offers financial security for your beneficiaries if a severe accident happens, not just covering car damage. This extra protection helps support your family in difficult times.

New car replacement

If you have standard car insurance and your brand-new car is completely lost, it might not pay for all of the replacement expenses. But if you get new car replacement insurance, it will cover the cost of replacing your destroyed vehicle with a new one, which safeguards the big investment you made in that car.

Engine Protection Cover

Damage to the engine can be very costly for someone who owns a car. This extra insurance covers your engine if it gets damaged by water getting inside, oil leaking out, or a hydrostatic lock. It can save you from bearing the high cost of engine repair or replacement.

Invoice Cover

If your car is completely lost or stolen, this guarantees you get back the full purchase price of your vehicle, not just its reduced value over time. This is really good for new cars and helps to protect you from losing a lot of money.

No Claim Bonus Protection

Many car insurance plans give you a bonus for not making claims while the policy is active. This extra protection keeps your no-claim bonus safe even when you submit a claim. It can help in reducing your future premiums.

How to Choose the Right Add-On Covers?

Many add-on cover options for cars exist in the market, and selecting the suitable one can be confusing. Here are suggestions to assist you in making a knowledgeable choice:

  • Think about your driving patterns and necessities before selecting. It is important to figure out which additional protections are suitable for you.
  • Study carefully and make comparisons between various insurance plans and additional cover options provided by different firms to find the most favourable offer at a fair price.
  • Ask for guidance from professionals in insurance or your vehicle dealer to know which extra coverages are good for your car and give the most advantages.
  • Ensure to carefully peruse the terms and conditions associated with additional cover options to grasp their scope and constraints.


Knowing the different car insurance coverage types is essential for customising your policy to fit what you need. By looking into these not-so-well-known insurances, you make sure that it’s not just basic protection but a full safety net against many possible dangers. To be really ready when you are travelling, it is important to do more than just the simple things and make sure every part of your trip is safe.

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