Tips To Differentiate Legitimate Credit Collectors From Scammers

differentiate between credit collectors from scammers

Debt collection is indeed challenging if you are not too sure if the collection agency is a lawful entity or a scammer. If you are a business owning money to your clients and someone calls you posing as credit collectors, you need to be sure that they are real.

The Authenticity of Credit Collectors

If you are feeling slightly skeptical about whether credit collection services are real or not, you need to pay attention to your thoughts. Numerous collection agencies credit collectors claim their authenticity but not all of them are genuine. However, do not misuse your thoughts to change the genuine debt collectors who might call you to get the overdue payments. There are ways you can spot the differences between scammers and genuine collectors.

Difference Between Legitimate Credit Collectors and Scammers

Here are ways to tell the difference between legitimate credit collectors and scamming agencies.

  • Hide information from the client

One of the things you need to detect when speaking to a credit services collection agency is whether they are hiding information that they should disclose. A professional agency will reveal the smallest details about your debt like the overdue amount, and the period from which the debts have fallen due, and verify their details. But if the person speaking to you telephonically or in person is not ready to reveal the details and is only interested to extract the dues, you need to stay away from scammers.

  • Caller is abusive

When you receive a call from a collection agency and hear all kinds of abusive words and wrong collection techniques to ensure that you pay, you have got to be doubtful. Often, scammers threaten clients with lawsuits, which no professional agency would. Even if a lawsuit needs to be served to a client, it would follow a specific process like a letter being sent. Instead of hearing those blatant threats, you need to avoid revealing any details about your past due accounts as they may be scammers posing as genuine credit collectors.

  • Demanding same-day payments

No matter how old the debt amount is or how irregular you have been with the client payments, a professional credit collection agency will never demand payment on the same day. If you are asked to pay for the invoices immediately, you need to doubt the whereabouts of the collection agency. The only thing that the collection agencies can ask for is an immediate payment, implying that you pay as soon as possible.

  • Not accepting payments in different modes

As a rule of thumb, most collection agencies would accept payments in different modes like debit cards, mail, or phone. Beware of agencies that would not accept payments through different modes and insist on paying cash only or they may ask for an instant transfer of the entire amount. Apart from this, you have to doubt the tactics of being pressurized for extracting money.

  • Not revealing the personal details

If credit collectors do not reveal a physical address or the name of the client to whom you owe money, think again. A genuine collection agency will reveal their details first before asking for the due amount.

  • Refers to the original creditor

A real collection agency will have all the information needed to acquire debts from its clients. But a scammer would refer to the original creditor when you ask them about the default amount, the principal and the interest, and the account number. Without knowing the information about the debt in full, you must never pay the amount to the creditor as you may be talking to a scammer and not a real creditor.

  • The same person approaching for debts

If the same person posing as someone from the business debt recovery services approaches you with the same tactics repeatedly, you may have a lot to doubt about the person and the details they reveal. Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC is one of the most authentic debt collection agencies based in Houston, Texas. They are a commercial agency that supports clients to recover debts lawfully.

  • Threatening to reveal your information elsewhere

When a person posing as a debt collector threatens you to reveal your debt status to your friends or family, the agency may be a fraud. Professional credit collectors will have their way of revealing the debt details to customers and never reveal such details to your friends or family. You need to stay away from such scammers and take the right action.

A Few Words

Legitimate credit collectors will never ask you for financial information that is confidential or sensitive. You need to watch for the red flags at once and avoid paying them for your past-due accounts.

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Written by Donald Benson

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