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Rafael Oliveira Purchase Ethereum in Brazil

Cryptocurrency in Brazil has gained more popularity in recent years. Similarly, the number of crypto users in Brazil has increased, with many financial institutions accepting crypto coins. As a result, the Brazilian government has increased its drive to establish a widely accepted digital currency. This will improve the value of cryptocurrency in Brazil. Additionally, the current Brazilian economy has pushed people to invest in and use cryptocurrencies. These investors use digital coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others. Rafael Oliveira, a Brazilian cryptocurrency trader, said that Ethereum is a popular crypto coin in Brazil. Rafael is quite popular on the internet for his successful cryptocurrency trading.

How does Cryptocurrency Contribute to the Brazilian Economy?

There is a controversy currently going on in Brazil concerning the financial condition of the country. Financial analysts are not assured about Brazil’s financial situation. Hence, Brazilians are looking for solutions to make things better. One of the solutions they came up with is the stabilization of the Brazilian currency. Consequently, online platforms that specialize in purchasing Ethereum with a normal bank card are in support. These platforms ensure any transactions done on them are secure and credible. They make it easy for users to transact with cryptocurrency, and also buy and sell them. In addition, the platforms have easy-to-understand trading instructions for beginners.

Ethereum Buying Tips

No need for Registration

Most Ethereum trading platforms don’t require their users to register on their websites before they can buy the digital coin. There are trading calculators specifically meant for calculating Ethereum’s purchase cost and other crypto coins. The calculator will give you the cost according to the amount you are willing to pay. For example, you only have $1,000 to buy Ethereum. Then the calculator will calculate the amount of Ethereum you can buy with $1,000.

Is there a Purchase Limit?

The minimum dollar amount you can buy is 30 dollars. While for euros, the minimum amount is 50 euros. You can’t buy anything less than the minimum amount for both currencies.

Convert the Money to ETH

After calculating the amount of Ethereum, go to the conversion section of any Ethereum trading site. Then convert your currency to Ethereum (ETH). After that, you’ll see the amount of Ethereum you want to buy and its equivalent currency. This will be shown to the user along with the purchase icon. Click on the purchase button, put your email, and click the “next” button.

Email Address Verification and Confirmation

You will receive a verification code in your email to confirm your email. Copy and enter the code into the box provided on the platform. Then submit the code by clicking on the “verify” button.

Copy Wallet Address

According to Rafael Oliveira, the next step in purchasing your Ethereum is to write the exact purchase amount in the box provided. You will see a recipient address in the Accept area, copy it. That address is your digital wallet on Ethereum. A note of warning, though, don’t try to copy the address manually. An error might occur if you try to do that, and it is difficult to address such issues on Ethereum. When such happens, the buyer may lose all his funds, including his trading funds. Rather, copy the wallet address directly from the accept column.

Paste your Copied Wallet Address

Once you are done copying the address, paste it into the empty box shown to you. Then proceed to check the details to ensure they are correct.


The next step is the payment portal. A “card detail” button will appear on your screen. You need to put in your card information so that the system can initiate payment. These details include the CVC/CVV number, expiry date, name of the card owner, and card number. You can find the CVV/CVV number at the back of the card, while the card number is at the front of the card. Confirm the details and proceed to pay. The bank will send you an OTP code, once you receive it, put it in the dialogue box. When you are done with the payment, the platform will deposit your equivalent Ethereum into your eWallet says Rafael Oliveira.

When does the Crypto Coin Enter your Wallet?

The Ethereum network will first confirm your payment and send the confirmation to the platform. It is only after that, that the platform will credit your wallet with the Ethereum coins you purchased. But don’t worry, Ethereum confirms payment and any other transactions rapidly, without delay.

What to Purchase Ethereum in Brazil

In Brazil, you can make Ethereum purchases on Ethereum platforms with your Brazilian debit or credit cards. Many international and national banks in Brazil allow this. They also provide customer assistance during the process.


Rafael Oliveira, a Bitcoin trader, advised people living in Brazil to take advantage of this opportunity to purchase Ethereum. He urged them to do so now before its value increases. No matter how small the amount is, your Ethereum coins will increase when Ethereum’s value increases. So take advantage of Brazil’s easy-to-buy Ethereum process and become an Ethereum owner today.

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Written by Rafael Oliveira Bitcoin

Rafael Oliveira is a Brazilian entrepreneur and investor who has become an internet sensation by providing tips and advice on how to invest in bitcoins. He has become a popular figure in the cryptocurrency world, and his advice has been sought after by many investors.


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