Lose/Win Strategy To 10X Your Income


Building strong business relationships is crucial for success, and creating a Lose/Win scenario is one effective way to do this. In this scenario, you “lose” something at the start of a relationship in order to come on the radar of a successful person, cash-rich investor, or high-end mentor.

As you know, high-value entrepreneurs and influencers protect their time, making it really hard to meet them, have dinner with them, and build relationships with them. That’s why I suggest offering your services for free, showing up early, working hard, and being the last person to leave. 

This will help you get noticed.

For instance, after leaving the police force, I volunteered my services for free for a successful event producer and entrepreneur. I was the first to arrive and the last to leave. After doing this three times, the producer of the event noticed me and invited me to break bread with him. He even introduced me to two different investors who had close to a million dollars, and they were looking for discounted and/or cash-flowing properties.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that you don’t create a lose/win situation where you “expect” to get an immediate ROI. It may work the first time, or it may take months for you to get noticed, or you may not get noticed at all. Even if you don’t get close to the Influencer, you’ll learn a lot, you’ll meet some amazing people, and attract the right partners, influencers, investors, and potential clients. 

Remember that building a strong relationship with investors, potential partners, high-paying clients, or high-end mentors is really important if you want to become a successful real estate investor, a wealthy entrepreneur, and/or 10X your income.

Using this little hack, I’ve been blessed to train close to 700,000 people alongside Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and many more.

So, if you’re starting out as a real estate investor or a business owner and want to raise funds or are simply looking to build relationships with successful people, give the Lose/Win scenario a try. 

Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani, is a former police officer, real estate expert, and  #1 best-selling author, mentor, accomplished entrepreneur, and the founder of Private Investment Club. He has trained over half a million individuals worldwide and is recognized as “The Wealthy Cop.” Some members of his club include Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Robert G Allen, Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, and many other successful entrepreneurs. Sunil’s goal is to help create 100 millionaires. To connect with Sunil, go to Private Investment Club’s Website or send an email to 

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Written by Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani is a former police officer turned real estate expert, international keynote speaker, #1 Best-Selling author, mentor, and entrepreneur. He has trained over half a million people worldwide and is known as “The Wealthy Cop”. Sunil’s goal is to create 100 millionaires or multimillionaires.


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