What You Might not Know About Selling to Doctors

There’s more to selling to doctors than googling a name, picking up the phone, and booking an appointment. If it were that easy then more people would be pursuing careers in B2B sales targeting the medical and healthcare industry. Like all industries targeted by salespeople, the healthcare industry presents unique challenges given the way it’s funded and administered. There are things you might not know that can help you succeed. The first one is knowing the value of a subscription to a doctor’s directory.

Put the Right Tools in Your Sales Tool Box 

Having access to a Canadian doctor’s directory like MD Select provides you with access to over 91,000 profiles of medical and healthcare professionals currently active across the country. The data is accurate and regularly updated, so it’s a great tool for lead generation.

That’s the first thing you need to know; filling your sales funnel with constant leads found in your list of doctors in Canada will reduce the time you spent researching leads and increase the amount of time you spend selling. However, having a lead list does not guarantee success. There are other things you need to know to achieve your budgets as a B2B salesperson.

For example, establishing credibility is key. In order to do that, you can conduct all the research you can using your doctor’s directory. Find out relevant information on doctors, physicians, and medical specialists, like where they went to school, where they’re located, what areas of expertise do they have, are they part of a team, and much more.

By not going in blind, unprepared, and ill-informed, you’ll avoid a bad first impression. The more knowledgeable you appear, the faster you build credibility with a doctor. Doctors deal in fact and evidence, and they’ll ask you all kinds of pertinent questions about what it is you’re trying to sell them. You need to be ready.

Getting Prepared

When building a sales pitch, it’s important to have as much information about your target as possible. Knowing how big the practice is, the specialization of the practice, and what their sales/purchasing cycle is. The more knowledge that you have about a target, the more personalized you can make the pitch. Physicians are busy, and if you have a sales pitch that clearly lays out how your product or service improves their work without a longwinded explanation, it is more likely to succeed. First impressions matter, and making sure that you come off as informed, professional, and ready to sell is a great first step in making the sale.

Making the Sales Pitch

Understanding the physician mindset is a very convincing way to win over a prospect like a doctor or high-level hospital administrator. Doctors help people; you need to present yourself as someone who can help a doctor do that. Your product or service has to solve a problem or address a need a doctor or surgeon may have. Think about how many administrators needed PPE very quickly at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. When you can deliver on the promise of meeting the needs of your clients, you’re going to be a very successful sales person.

Use MD Select to Focus in on the Right Prospect 

The MedTech and Pharma industries tend to rely on interpersonal networks with individual doctors, physicians, and director-level administrators to drive sales and build awareness of their products. Now, doctors are harder to reach, and other decision makers are responsible for making purchases. Finding out who the people are that can make the decision is something you definitely need to know to be a successful B2B sales rep targeting the medical and healthcare industry. Knowing whether or not the person you’re talking to is a key decision maker is crucial to how you’re going to go about the initial sales pitch. With contact information on over a million key decision makers MD Select can be a crucial key to getting in touch with the people who have purchasing power.

A Canadian doctors directory is an invaluable tool to help you find the right people to reach out to. You don’t want to send your well-crafted proposal to someone without the authority to even consider it. MD Select can help you focus in on the right leads in the right organizations. Learn more about getting a subscription to MD Select by contacting one of our sales reps for a demo call today.

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